Unbound Edition Press to Publish David Lauterstein’s Memoir

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Unbound Edition Press today announced it will publish a memoir by author and entrepreneur David Lauterstein, titled Little Pig, Little Pig: A Queer Love Story. Lauterstein, a poet by training, is best known as the co-founder and CEO of the queer street-fashion brand, Nasty Pig. The title is scheduled for release in September 2024.

Lauterstein’s work is no corporate history, though. Rather, it is a story of love, passion, and courage during the frightening years of the AIDS plague, and how a queer couple grew into a force for unapologetic sexual freedom, pride, and rebellion.

“We had to fully embrace ourselves to survive,” said Lauterstein. “There was worry, fear, and death everywhere. My partner, Fred, and I decided to let love lead us and win the day. This book is the story of what those years were like and how our journey, personal and professional, helped build an entire community based on sex-positivity and love. We decided early on that the Big Bad Wolf in our lives just could not determine our story.”

Patrick Davis, publisher at Unbound Edition Press, said, “David is first and foremost a gifted storyteller. The Nasty Pig brand has been his love story to the queer community for nearly 30 years. Now, he has written the story behind that story, and it is one of tremendous personal trials and unlikely triumphs. The book takes readers from New York’s gay ghettos of the 1990s to inside the White House of today. How David Lauterstein brought people together to make that trip with him is the moving story of Little Pig, Little Pig.”

Little Pig, Little Pig joins other critically acclaimed and bestselling LGBTQ+ memoirs from the press, including My Love Is a Beast: Confessions by Alexander Cheves and Blue Movie: Scenes from the Life of a Sexual Outlaw by Stephan Ferris.

“Thirty years ago, we started Nasty Pig to let queer people know it was safe to express who they truly are,” Lauterstein said. “Now, with hateful politicians and dangerous legislation again threatening our very survival, it is my hope that this book will connect queer people with their generational history and put on display the power of a loving, united community.”

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