About the Press

Unbound Edition Press believes publishing is a serious, important, and powerful act. We are guided by a mission to respect and elevate emerging, underappreciated, and Marginalized Authors, with a strong commitment to advancing  LGBTQ+ and bipoc voices. We mean to  make meaningful contributions to the literary arts by publishing exceptional if overlooked work. We support the vital efforts of PEN America, and are a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association and the community of literary magazines and presses [clmp]. Our titles are distributed by Itasca Books.

Guiding Principles

Our actions and decisions are shaped by four guiding principles.

Authors come first.

We see publishing an author as an honor, a promise, and a partnership. As authors ourselves, we personally know the work, worry, heartache, and joy that goes into shaping a manuscript. When the right author and the right publisher connect, something wonderful can happen together. We both do our best, and we both share in the final result. Our contracts are written to be respectful of and fair to authors. And they are written in plain English, so we always enjoy an easy, mutual understanding.

Quality matters most.

Authors we publish must have a strikingly original voice and an outstanding command of their craft. And we must be extraordinary in our work, too. A top-quality manuscript deserves to become a top-quality book. We are committed to getting each step of the publishing process right by caring about every detail. That includes: timely responses to submissions, fair and ethical contracts, thoughtful and clear editing, exceptional materials selections, purposeful design and typeface choices, trusted production and distribution partners, and proven marketing approaches. Afterall, a well-made book is an artifact of inspiration. We think it should inspire other authors and future books, too.

Real reads better.

The deeply human experience of reading, holding, sharing, and collecting books feels more important than ever. Readers prefer printed books for the undistracted focus, intimacy, and quiet they help create, and for the proud accomplishment of closing one when completed. Bookshelves become memory archives of the people and places, the challenges and delights and ideas, introduced on the page. We believe in the power of real books, and choose to make them our primary focus. Digital tools are amazing and essential to help produce, distribute, market, and sell books, but not necessarily the best to read them.

Small works best.

Making meaningful and beautiful things takes the focused time, attention, and care of human beings. We can publish only a few titles each year, so each one really matters to us personally. Should we work together, we will talk frequently and collaborate extensively to create something remarkable. We cherish the intentional, thoughtful acts of writing and publishing, of bringing ideas to life. We want to keep it simple so that our focus is on books, not bureaucracy.

Editorial Team

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Patrick Davis writes poetry, essays, literary criticism, and reviews. He is a lifetime voting member of the National Book Critics Circle. His most recent work has been featured or is forthcoming in Kenyon Review, Harvard Review, Salamander, Rain Taxi Review of Books, Gertrude PressGreat River Review, and Provincetown Arts. He also has developed and ghost-written five books for major publishing houses. Under the generous mentorship of William H. Gass, he conducted his graduate research in American literature at Washington University in St. Louis. He previously worked as a consultant to leading print and digital publishers and media companies.

Executive Editor

Peter  Campion is the author of Radical as Reality: Form and Freedom in American Poetry; four collections of poems, Other People, The Lions, El Dorado, and One Summer Evening at the Falls; as well as several monographs and catalog essays on modern and contemporary visual art. A recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship and the Joseph Brodsky Rome Prize, he teaches in the writing program at the University of Minnesota. Peter also serves as the editor in chief of Revel, the literary journal published by Unbound Edition Press. 



Assistant Editor, Special Projects

Cory Firestine writes poetry, short stories, and young adult novels. He enjoys reading fantasy, mysteries, graphic novels, and literary fiction. He holds dual degrees in creative writing and communications, and manages special projects for the press. He serves as the managing editor of Revel, the literary journal published by Unbound Edition Press.