Unbound Edition Press to Donate for Each Book It Sells in Texas

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Unbound Edition Press today announced its commitment to support the fight against the unconstitutional Texas ban on abortion. For every book it sells in Texas, whether in a local bookstore or through UnboundEdition.com, the press will donate $5 to NARAL Pro-Choice America. An additional amount equivalent to all sales tax the press must pay to the state of Texas also will be donated as a counterbalancing act of protest.

NARAL Pro-Choice America does vital work in protecting the right to choose in every state across the U.S. It is a driving force behind the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), legislation that would safeguard the right to safe abortion.

“Nearly every title we publish approaches a human’s right to control their own body, including the body in pleasure, in pain, in protest, in transition, in death,” said Patrick Davis, publisher at Unbound Edition Press.

“As soon as the autonomy of one body is legislated and limited, all can be. Once women’s bodies are forcibly controlled by others, we are in a territory similar to rape. Every woman must be able to say yes or no about what happens to her own body, well-being, and life at all times. The calculated cruelty of the Texas ban in no way actually honors the sanctity of life, of the living,” he said.

Unbound Edition Press identifies, develops, and defends the work of emerging, overlooked, marginalized, or LGBTQ+ authors. The press publishes thoughtfully challenging collections of poetry, short fiction, and essays. “We see publishing as a powerful, political act. Literary and artistic dissent is essential and vital to a healthy culture. This is why we exist,” said Davis.

To learn more about NARAL Pro-Choice America and how it fights to protect women in every state, visit their site.

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