George Witte

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George Witte’s three previous collections are The Apparitioners, Deniability, and Does She Have a Name? His poems have been published in a range of journals and in several anthologies, including The Best American Poetry. He received the Frederick Bock Prize from Poetry magazine and a fellowship in poetry from the New Jersey Council on the Arts/Department of State. The editor in chief of St. Martin’s Press and a New Jersey native, he lives with his family in Ridgewood, New Jersey. 

An Abundance of Caution is a polyphonic symphony … This is a collection for the ages.

Anton Yakovlev

Witte’s poems find their way in, taking up residence in the mind and heart.

David Yezzi

These poems remind us that … we can still enjoy mysterious moments of grace.

Henry Hart

Witte surprises and startles, so that “we might learn astonishment / again.”

Ernest Hilbert

Each poem in this book is to be savored for its deft skillfulness, and almost every phrase has surprises that require mental adjustments. It is a pleasure, a challenge, and a reward to immerse oneself in these highly imaginative poems …

Anis Shivani

Visionary is what I would call the quality that enables these poems to know realities that exceed comprehension...