Leah Souffrant

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Leah Souffrant is a writer, scholar, artist, and teacher committed to interdisciplinary practice. She is the author of Plain Burned Things: A Poetics of the Unsayable (Collection Clinamen, PULG Liège 2017).

She has been awarded the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry and her scholarship was recognized by the Center for the Study of Women & Society. Her poetry has been a finalist for the National Poetry Award. The range of Souffrant’s work involves poetics, visual studies and art, translation, and critical work in literature, feminist theory, aesthetics, performance, and the ways knowledge and creative expression are interconnected — across and within writing and other arts. She teaches writing at New York University.

Entanglements was published by Unbound Edition Press in 2023.

Praise for Entanglements

… renews my faith in the poetics of bibliomancy … Souffrant, terse as Duras, shows us how to feel at home.

Wayne Koestenbaum

Souffrant’s roving, probing mind, … and what it alights on, is sui generis.

Jenny Xie

Entanglements will change how you think about reading, texts and bodily encounters with the world.

Tyler Mills

Love, memory, meaning, nation, narrative — Souffrant … reminds us of how we are bound to the world and one another.

Abby Paige

… vibrating incantations … with indulgent thoughtfulness and disarming intimacy.