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Spending All Eternity in the Can


The fever for the flavor of a Pringle finally caught up with product designer Fredric Baur.


Baur, the designer of the iconic can that served the dual purposes of keeping the curvy, stacked chips from breaking while helping Brad Pitt score with curvy, stacked chicks, recently died at 89. And, because he was so proud of his design prowess, his cremated remains were buried inside a Pringles can.


Spending all eternity whiffing sour cream and onion? Now that’s a commitment to product design. I wonder what other designers are so passionate about their work that they’re willing to travel to the great beyond in their inventions. Maybe the guy behind the Disneyland of toilets should consider it. There probably are worse ways to go into the light. Lordy. I’ll have what she’s having.



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