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Reality Check

Reality television seems to be our only outlet for mind-numbing entertainment these days.

The writers’ guild strike continues with little end in sight as Hollywood’s golden glow is dimming. Television’s current favorites, including Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy, are at a stand-still. I hope everyone that purchased a 42-inch flat screen this holiday season will enjoy listening to the new American Idol hopefuls screech, in high-definition surround sound.

Make-believe characters and fake story lines are undoubtedly more interesting than the shows lined up this year. We dodged a few bullets in 2007. Last year’s Coming to America featured England’s favorite soccer mom, Victoria Beckham, and the family’s move to Los Angeles. The series was condensed into an hour-long special.

2008 promises to be a year of equally forgettable TV shows. The new American Gladiators lacks the android-like, steroid pumping favorites of the 1980’s. The new season attempts something odd: human emotion. Want to talk about rough single parenthood and financial woes? Montel has openings. I want gut-wrenching gauntlet action!

Last week the Golden Globes transformed from an elaborate ceremony honoring 2007’s greatest achievers to a thirty minute press conference. Now the Oscars and Grammy’s face the same threat. No more ceremonies, tearful speeches or customized Gucci gowns? Where is the celebration for those who actually possess superior acting talent?

Am I wrong to believe that reality television and a lack of recognition for real actors is harmful? I cannot be the only one that stills longs for the same love story simply told with new characters, fresh jokes and a script.

Never mind my emotions. Celebrity Apprentice with Gene Simmons is on.

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