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Why Purpose-Driven Innovation Trumps All

Innovation that sticks is purposed-driven – led by someone on a mission to do good for others. It doesn’t matter if the innovation succeeds on its own or leads to another innovation by someone else that does succeed. What matters is that the innovator is committed to a cause and is compelled to innovate to overcome a barrier keeping people from realizing their purpose.

Innovations come from everywhere. As Bobbi Brown told me at C2MTL, they are often born of necessity in solving problems. As Peter Skarzynski told me, “Valuable innovation is born of new, frame-breaking insights”. Innovation happens when people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives come together at things like C2MTL or HATCH, the CEO Connection Mid-Market Convention or the lobbies and gathering spaces of Apple, Facebook, Google and the like.

The world needs three types of leadership and innovation: artistic, scientific and interpersonal.

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