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Publishers, Agencies Must Shift Their Focus From Big Data to Big Content

Programmatic direct, data aggregators, cross-device tracking, viewability metrics. Take a look at the themes that dominated the advertising media over the past year and you come away with the impression that our industry is all about technology.

Yet not too long down the road, this tech mania will quiet down, leaving our industry to focus on what will be the ultimate competitive differentiator—superior content.

It’s this conviction that drives the focus of this week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, which will look at how content and content companies are adapting to the ever-evolving cornucopia of technological opportunity and vice versa. It’s easy to forget that without captivating content to wrap itself around, advertising is like opening a present … only to find an empty box. Ads best find their home near content that serves the needs, passions and curiosities of consumers, which in turn should inspire advertisers to find ways to elevate their own conversations with consumers.

There’s no question technology continues to be a vital underpinning for the digital marketing industry, enabling ads to be efficiently shown, distributed and analyzed. And it will be these solutions that help us overcome critical impediments, such as advertising fraud, malware and the need for tools that allow publishers and agencies to show that 100 percent of traded digital media has met viewability standards.

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