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Pandora Rebrands For the First Time in 11 Years

Julie Scelzo’s first project at Pandora could hardly have been more nerve-wracking. As the company’s new executive creative director, the former Facebook creative strategist found herself on a team tasked with an absurdly ambitious goal: Overhaul Pandora’s brand, right in the midst of the busiest and most transformative year since the company’s pivot to streaming music 12 years ago. Not only was Pandora morphing from an internet radio app into an on-demand music service a la Spotify, but it was doing so under a new CEO: Pandora cofounder Tim Westergren, the closest thing a product or brand can have to a biological father.

Last week, Scelzo got a late night email from Westergren that set her nerves at ease. It contained only two words: “Fuck yes.”

For Scelzo and Pandora VP of Design and Creative Tony Calzaretta, Westergren’s candid sign-off meant that the project could soon be wrapped up and unveiled to the public. That was good news for them, because Pandora’s in-house designers have a ton more work ahead of them as the service undergoes its most radical changes yet in the months to come.

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