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Opinion: Changing perceptions about ‘Brand Taiwan’

I remember buying my first stereo at the age of 13. It had a twin tape cassette holder, four speakers, two of which were detachable, and eight graphic equalisers. It had taken a birthday and a summer of saving pocket money to buy so you can imagine my distress when after six weeks it decided to stop working. In a moment of rashness I unscrewed the back to investigate. The first thing that appeared, on opening, were the words ‘Made in Taiwan’.

Unfortunately, ‘Made in Taiwan’ became synonymous with cheap electronic products for me and many others in Europe and the US. This reputation, despite valiant efforts by the government, still lingers on in Western minds today.

I have had the good fortune to spend much of the last six years of my career working in Taiwan with some of the country’s leading brands, so I know first hand that perceptions are a long way from reality.

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