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International Invasion

When it comes to global expansion, international operators are quick to point to the U.S. as the gateway to success. Foodservice here is booming, with expected restaurant industry sales in 2014 surpassing $680 billion, according to the National Restaurant Association—and the limited-service sector accounts for about $230 billion of it.

The rise of Millennials as tastemakers and an increasingly diverse population has led to global and ethnic flavors becoming more in demand than ever before, opening the door for international brands to grow explosively across the states. These 10 brands are likely to lead the charge.

  1. Pret A Manger – ENGLAND
  2. Caffebene – SOUTH KOREA
  3. Brioche Dorée – FRANCE
  4. Beard Papa’s – JAPAN
  5. 100 Montaditos – SPAIN
  6. Jollibee – PHILIPPINES
  7. Giraffas – BRAZIL
  8. Nando’s – SOUTH AFRICA
  9. Le Pain Quotidien – BELGIUM
  10. Maoz Vegetarian – NETHERLANDS

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