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The Future of Advertising Still Rests on the Art of Connecting Brands and Consumers

A few months back, someone in the pages of Adweek suggested that, given all the changes technology has brought us, we need to redefine advertising.

I disagree. Advertising has always been about connecting brands with people. It still is. But today we know a lot more about the people with whom we want to connect and almost every day we’re given new tools to help us make those connections. Plus now, if we do it right, those folks we actually engage will connect with each other and with all their friends to help us build a whole community of brand fans and activists. We’ve always said that word of mouth is the best medium of all. Augmented by word of Web, it’s even better.

There’s no question that the advertising industry has changed dramatically. But its purpose is still the same. And while we obsess about all the changes, it behooves advertisers to remember the basics that haven’t changed and won’t.

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