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Domino’s Becomes A Tech Company That Happens To Make Pizza

If we asked you to name a few technology companies, Google or Microsoft might come to mind. But one tech company that isn’t so obvious is Michigan-based but globally present Domino’s Pizza.

In recent years, the company has gotten noticeably good at something that wasn’t always its focus — developing technology products to get pizzas to people more easily.

“Innovation, coming up with the ideas is one side of the challenge. But then you actually have to be able to deliver [the technology],” says Kelly Garcia, Domino’s vice president of development, which means he oversees tech products.

He says advancements in online and mobile orders have become key ingredients for the company’s recent success. Last quarter Domino’s stock hit a record high, and in the past year its same-store sales figures have been climbing, while numbers for rivals Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have stayed mostly flat.

“This technology is difficult,” Garcia says. “It takes a lot of money, and it’s complicated to put together, and so it just becomes a major differentiator for us when we look across the landscape of our competitors in quick-service restaurants.”

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