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Discussions on Digital: Designing the Next Mobile Experience

The evolution of mobile is still transforming our world, from how we work and shop to how we heat our homes. Brian Gregg leads a discussion with digital leaders on what that means for businesses.

Brian Gregg, a partner in McKinsey’s San Francisco office who leads our consumer digital-excellence initiative, hosted a recent installment of McKinsey’s Digital Dinner podcast, a series that brings together digital leaders to explore emerging issues in the business world. He led a discussion with Michael Jones, a senior vice president of retail and brand solutions at RetailMeNot; Mahin Samadani, who leads McKinsey’s West Coast digital-experience-design service line; Dianne Esber, associate principal and brand leader in digital practice in McKinsey’s San Francisco office; and Mark Phillips, Digital VP, McKinsey. Here is an edited version of their conversation:

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