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Brand Remodeling

The smartest brand strategies have to be made real – tangible – for consumers to get the message. Whether through a new brand image, clarified narrative or fresh campaign, creative elements can update and enhance, while upholding trusted brand promises.

From snack bags to collateral materials to livery on the fleet, the brand remodeling of Southwest is a case study in creative brand assets reinforcing the heart of the matter: people first. We can’t help but think about #brandlove when we see these new elements.

Sears Holdings, owner of both the Sears & Kmart brands among others, has said it will attempt a creative refresh. But can a holding company driven by real estate finance not consumer insights be a successful general contractor for the remodel of failing brands? A word of advice: the retail experience and merchandise must be great first; then the advertising has a story to tell. Sometimes even great creative can’t make up for an absence of fundamentals.

A merchandise makeover, in fact, is what has driven a resurgent Birkenstock. With a storied past and global success, the brand is signature footwear of women often times described as “down to earth,” and “socially conscious.” What comes now is a creative product expansion into boots and socks that will surely dress up the modernization of the historic brand.


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