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Brand Love Is In The Air

Leading with simple emotion has long been a tactic that brands use to provoke engagement with the consumer. We witness this quite powerfully during significant events like the Olympics or times of year where emotions are high, like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Late last year Revlon announced a global rebrand that focused on the announcement that #loveison. Lorenzo Delpani, President and CEO, shared that “the idea for LOVE IS ON grew from our quest to find a universally inspiring emotion. Love is by far the most powerful and most positive. It is very important for us to evoke positivity with our new brand cause.” Implemented across multiple channels and in multiple global markets, the creative execution of the new brand inspired consumers to fall in love with Revlon all over again.

Kraft hopes that consumers will rediscover their childhood love of Jell-O with a new ad campaign centered on that very emotion. J-E-L-L-O-V-E is a part of Kraft’s investment in creative executions that reflect the brand’s overall investment in getting closer to consumers. In addition to new advertisements and commercials, Jell-O intends the expressions of love to reflect additional meaningful changes to their ingredients, flavor profiles and product partnerships.

And what about McDonald’s controversial new commercials during the Super Bowl, emphasizing the lovin’ moments between families as enabled by the fast food giant? While the approach intended to emphasize positivity and a promise to put the customer first, many found it a cynical hijacking of genuine love.

Gap recently launched a short video series on Instagram, to promote its spring collection. The 12-part love story inspired by spring and the emotions of the season, integrates the brand into a narrative of connection. As illustrated by Gap and many others, Instagram has quickly become a large part of the creative and social strategies of many brands. It is Instagram’s own relationship with the fashion industry at large, however, that was elevated as a beautiful example of art meeting innovation.

Quite possibly the most powerful ad during the recent Academy Awards broadcast was Dove’s  #SpeakBeautiful campaign. It challenges 5 million negative Tweets sent out in 2014 about beauty and body image with the positive notion that it just takes one positive Tweet to start a trend.

How sweet it is to be loved by the consumer. Brands and consumers can be power couples and how the creative expressions of a brand extend the promise of this love matters.


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