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Battle of the Networked

The companies listed in the Davis Brand Capital 25 manage their creative assets in a wide variety of ways. It is, in fact, the way brands leverage those assets that often times stand out in the mind of the consumer. The big-two mobile carriers both excel in translating functional utility into emotional appeals. AT&T leads the mobile carrier category, despite dropping five spots to #16 this year; Verizon gained momentum and reappeared on the ranking at #23 after falling off of the list in 2013. Both brands are known for interactive creative executions that demonstrate mobility and connectivity – showing their abilities, not just telling them. The increased competition in the burgeoning no-contract category suggests an even more intense rivalry between these market leaders in 2015.

Content marketing as a powerful creative strategy continues to garner resources and results. General Electric, up 2 spots to #5 this year, has developed a robust content strategy to highlight the global brand across categories. The company’s willingness to diversify the creative execution of its content – including data visualizationdata-based storytelling and daring executions like “Badass Machines” – highlights GE’s  commitment to leading with content as an authentic way to connect with customers.

Downward pressures on the oil industry, negative consumer perceptions of “big oil,” and an increased focus on renewables in the public discourse likely played a role in ExxonMobil’s nine-point decline to #24. Despite this drop, the company’s Be an Engineer initiative is noteworthy for its cultural relevance, superb creative execution and potential to build brand strength moving forward. Energy – from redefinition to reduced consumption to renewable sources – strikes us as the stand-out issue of the future. The symbiotic auto-industry can learn much on the agenda-setting and content front from energy leaders like ExxonMobil.

All Davis Brand Capital 25 companies accomplished remarkable things in 2014. Collectively, though, we saw a concentration of capital — brand, trademarks, patents and other intangible forms of brand capital. In 2015 and beyond, these companies face compelling challenges and opportunities in each of these areas. What will they do with their capital? How will they share their brand wealth?

Keeping an eye on these organizations will provide valuable lessons. Unbound Edition continues to follow the world’s leading brand managers, sharing best practices and meaningful insights to help prepare you for what’s next.


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