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Arch-ery: New Logo for University of Georgia

The old logo was very flimsy, as if at the slightest provocation it would fall apart or, more likely, at the simplest of design challenges it would reproduce poorly. The new logo maintains the arch — which is a key element of the campus — and gives it the visual prominence it needs to stand as the key element of the identity. Purists might argue that the arch is black in real life and white in the logo and, well, they would be right but for the sake of logo purposes, the white arch looks strong and effective inside the black and red shield and it’s still clearly recognizable as UGA’s arch. Adding the shield works because universities and soccer teams love shields so you can never go wrong. The “GEORGIA” type is nice — I love me a good flared serif — but I don’t understand why there is a secondary serif used in the stacked version (vs. the same flared serif used in the horizontal version); it feels like a very deliberate and weird decision. In application, even for prototype applications, the ones shown are a snooze. “Let’s put the logo, as is, everywhere!” Maybe once the actual design gets put into motion things will liven up a little.

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