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Apple Designed the Thrill Out of Unboxing

It’s a stunning box, the first time you see it. Stark white or black. A clean picture of the product on its front. It’s a celebration of negative space, making room for a single product name: Pixel.

Or Samsung Galaxy. Or LG V10. Or HTC anything.

Oh, you thought I was going to say iPhone, didn’t you?

That’s the problem. Apple’s packaging has always been tasteful, and the company has been playing off the idea of hero shots on white backdrops for a long time now. But now, it’s the aesthetic everyone is using. As a result, no brand feels distinctive anymore. No product feels special. Unboxing, once the internet’s favorite fetish, has lost its thrill. And it’s not just smartphones. Basically every smart thing on Kickstarter has this same, generic white box treatment, too.

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