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You’ve Been a Dirty, Dirty Gourd…

This week we’ve discussed a few Super Bowl standouts, good and bad. But what of the ads that didn’t make the cut?


PETA doesn’t shy away from extreme antics, from flinging paint to flashing skin. This year’s Super Bowl submission was no different. Borrowing a page from Victoria’s Secret, a few of PETA’s leggy veggies turned up the heat and brought some serious steak-free sizzle.
When the spot was rejected by NBC, savvy PETA posted to their blog the detailed (and blush-inducing) rejection rationale, further fueling the viral spread of the video. PETA likely had no intention of running the ad in the big game, but rather designed the spot for rejection, leveraging the attention around Super Bowl advertising to earn ink and ensure rapid online distribution of the spot for a fraction of NBC’s multimillion dollar pricetag.
Well played, ladies.
As for effectiveness… we’re not sure this spot converted any carnivores, but we’re betting asparagus sales will be healthy this February.


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