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Microsoft’s Fembot Strategy

Friday, April 24, 2009

Microsoft wants to help you advertise. Let’s pause on that for a moment, shall we? The people who respond directly to a smaller competitor, cannot present a consistent image to save their own markets, promote the idea that brand does not matter and release broadcast spots created on a Mac. That Microsoft. The Microsoft so in touch with consumers that they are boldly going into retail with nothing but a tightrope of user frustration upon which to dance or hang. That Microsoft. They want to help you advertise. To women. Specifically, something called “women (25-54).” We assume this is not geek speak for the code to activate some Redmondian Fembot. It might as well be, because what Microsoft proposes in its recent online campaign (proof of its own advertising pudding?) makes the fairer sex seem more foreign than ever.

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IMF's Lagarde: Women In Workforce Key To Healthy Economies

Renee Montagne
Mar 28, 2014

As the first woman to lead the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde is among an elite group of people determining how money is saved, spent and invested worldwide. It's not the first time she's been a "first." Lagarde was France's first female finance minister, and before that, the first woman to chair the global law firm Baker & McKenzie.

Who Runs The (Social Media) World? Girls.

Jordan Crook
Mar 6, 2014

Behind every great social media platform stands millions of great women. And boy do they love their smartphones! According to research compiled by FinanceOnline, which was taken from PEW, Nielsen, and Burst Media, women use social media more often and in more ways then men do. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter all have more women on the platform than men.

Model View Culture, A New Tech Publication The Internet Actually Needs

Rebecca Greenfield
Jan 16, 2014

Model View Culture hopes to counter the typical backslapping bromance tech beat by writing about and featuring the voices of women and minorities in technology.

5 Innovative Trends in Women's Economic Equality

Reem Rahman
Dec 13, 2013

Investing in women creates a multiplier effect for society – including better health and education outcomes, more resilient societies, reinvestment in communities, and greater prosperity. While there has been overall progress globally, women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) still face some of the greatest barriers in asserting their economic rights.

Amazing Pantene Ad Defiantly Tackles How Women in the Workplace Are Labeled

Roo Ciambriello
Dec 9, 2013

In this spot by BBDO Guerrero in Manila, a lovely cover of "Mad World" by Tears for Fears plays while each scene displays a double-standard in a working environment. A man is the "boss" while a woman is "bossy." A man is "persuasive" while a woman is "pushy." He's "neat" but she's "vain." He's "smooth" but she's a "show-off." "Don't let labels hold you back. Be strong and shine," says the copy at the end.

Men Outspend Women During Holiday Season: ESPN Survey

Meredith Derby Berg
Nov 27, 2013

As marketers duke it out in the critical holiday sales season, they'd be wise not to forget about a key demo: men. Yes, men -- who outspend women during almost every annual holiday, according to a study from ESPN Research and Analytics.

Photo and Video Sharers Are More Likely to Be Young and Female

Lucia Moses
Nov 6, 2013

Does it seem like your social feeds are jammed with your friends’ latest baby video or vacation pictures? Helped by Snapchat and Instagram, image-sharing has increased significantly in the past year, with more than half of Internet users now posting their own pictures and videos online, a new Pew Internet Project report reveals.

Marketers Should Take Note of When Women Feel Least Attractive

Lucia Moses
Oct 2, 2013

What messages to convey and when to send them.

The Global Rise of Female Entrepreneurs

Jackie VanderBrug
Sep 4, 2013

Women-owned entities in the formal sector represent approximately 37% of enterprises globally — a market worthy of attention by businesses and policy makers alike.

Adidas Gains on Nike in China By Balancing Performance With Fashion

Anita Chang Beattie
Aug 14, 2013

Sports Brand Targets Women With 'All In For My Girls' Campaign

The Biggest Myth About the Gender Wage Gap

Derek Thompson
May 30, 2013

The real gap isn't between men and women doing the same job. It's between the different jobs that men and women take.

What Style Startups Mean For Women In Tech

Lorraine Sanders
May 7, 2013

Recent Data Shows That Style-Driven Startups Have The Power To Shift Tech’s Gender Balance And Bring More Women To The Tech Table. But Is That A Good Thing?

Male Bosses Need to Speak Up for Gender Balance

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
May 6, 2013

This constant frame of gender as a "women's issue" is one of the big obstacles to progress — in both countries and companies.

Men Are More Likely Than Women to Use Mobile Shopping Technology

Lucia Moses
Apr 24, 2013

When it comes to mobile shopping, the gender gap is alive and well.

Are Men and Women Using Mobile Apps Differently?

Christina Bonnington
Apr 12, 2013

In early March, this little gem popped up on my radar: a tablet designed specifically for women. After putting on my feminist hat and spewing outrage at the stereotypical selection of apps splashed across the tablet’s homescreen, I wondered — Do men and women have appreciably different tastes in apps?

A Roomful Of Female Marketing Leaders Didn't Mention This Word

Lisa Arthur
Apr 2, 2013

Breaking the glass ceiling is only the beginning. In the C-suite, performance –your strategic vision, how you drive revenue growth, etc. –is what matters most.

Pinkification: how breast cancer awareness got commodified for profit

SE Smith
Oct 5, 2012

What began as a social movement serving urgent health needs for women has been hollowed out by cynical marketeering. The gradual commodification of breast cancer reflected a failure of the movement, in that it wasn't able to adapt quickly enough to fight the commercialisation of breast cancer awareness.

Marketing to Women? Keep These 3 Facts in Mind

Stephanie Buck
Aug 1, 2012

A survey conducted by Women’s Marketing Inc. published new findings that shed light on social media marketing and women. We’ve pulled three important lessons from the data, which will help businesses to refine their marketing tactics, especially as they pertain to the female demographic.

Coca-Cola Opens Happiness in Myanmar With $3M Grant for Women

Sheila Shayon
Jun 15, 2012

“Myanmar is one of only three countries on the globe where Coca-Cola does not do business. The other two are Cuba and North Korea,” Coca-Cola stated this week. That's about to change. The global beverage giant has not done business in Myanmar, a.k.a., Burma, for more than 60 years, but The Coca-Cola Foundation just announced plans to grant $3 million to support women's economic empowerment job creation.

Etsy Hacker Grants: Supporting Women in Technology

Marc Hedlund
Apr 6, 2012

The summer batch of Hacker School will be 40 students, and our goal is to have them accept at least 20 women, with Hacker School retaining full control over the admissions process. In other words, 20 times the number of women in the current batch. What will it take to get there?

How Talbots Grew—and Lost—Its Customers

Ashley Lutz
Jun 22, 2011

It's one of the toughest challenges in retailing: appealing to new, often younger customers without alienating shoppers who have long been loyal fans. When the transition is handled badly, things can go south in a hurry. Ask Talbots, which tried to entice thirtysomethings with cocktail dresses and frilly tank tops and left the pearl-wearing career women who had shopped there for decades feeling jilted.

For Brands Targeting Women, It's Game On

Jun 7, 2011

While it's no news that girls and women are diving deeper into gaming every day, a new ranking from NBCU shows that brands offering women a way to play are gaining buzz.

Women Influencers Are Susceptible (You Guessed It) to Influence

May 12, 2011

Influential women are themselves more likely than other women to have their purchases influenced by everything from online reviews to expert endorsements. But they're not always as swayed by the big names you'd expect and often give more weight to media and media brands than to individuals.

BlogHer: Women Have the Power

Oct 29, 2010

The power of BlogHer's audience can't be denied; in fact, BlogHer's own research shows that women control over 80% of the household spending — not exactly chump change, especially when you consider that we're talking about a $7 trillion U.S. market.

Under Armour Wants to Dress Athletic Young Women

Sep 1, 2010

With brawny athletes wearing its sleek, sweat-absorbing apparel in hard-charging situations, the sportswear maker Under Armour became the brand of choice for young men in their teens and 20s. Now the company is aiming to win over a new audience — active young women. “Women’s apparel some day will be larger than our men’s apparel business, which is our goal,” predicted Kevin A. Plank, a former college football player who founded Under Armour 14 years ago. The Baltimore company’s new television and digital campaign for women from ages 13 to 24 features several athletes, the most famous being Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic-winning Alpine skier, undertaking rigorous, even grueling, workouts — strained muscles, sweat and all.

Suiting Up in Jerseys Suitable for Women

Aug 26, 2010

Ladies, if you have ever wanted to wear strappy stilettos with your favorite football jersey, you are in luck. This fall, the National Football League will begin an advertising campaign encouraging you to do just that. The campaign, called “N.F.L. Women’s Apparel, Fit For You,” takes an approach to marketing clothing that is meant to be both fashionable and sporty. And while jerseys and T-shirts for women have been available on Web sites like nflshop.com and in catalogs, this is the first time the league has dedicated a campaign to apparel for women.

Despite Its Way With Women, Underdog Reebok Fixates on Nike

Rich Thomaselli
Jul 12, 2010

Observers are wondering why Canton, Mass.-based Reebok, after successfully readjusting its focus to target the women's market, and making great gains with both its ZigTech training shoe and its Easy Tone sneakers, would get back into the basketball-shoe endorsement business when that sector of the sneaker world is losing market share.

The Story Of Self-Identity

Bob Deutsch
Jun 18, 2010

Even as we pull out of the economic downturn, many people are still curtailing spending because a new meaning of "value" is taking hold. This shift is particularly prominent among what we call the "Post-88s" -- females, age 22 and under -- who have grown up with social media. Their story of self-identity and its impact on value is so distinct from the older half of the Gen Y population that they can no longer be considered as one market.

For Female Social Followers, Brands Rule

May 24, 2010

About one-half of online women in the US were fans or followers of a company’s social marketing presence in April 2010, according to a survey from SheSpeaks and iVillage. It was most popular to follow brands, especially in the consumer packaged goods category. Women were less engaged with retail outlets on social sites.

In Mobile, Women Rule Social Networking

Brian Solis
Apr 30, 2010

Based on data collected and analyzed using Google Ad Planner, I recently discovered that in Social Media, women rule. Across almost every major social network, the balance was revealing and in some cases, profound.

Nike’s Women Problem

Timothy Egan
Apr 28, 2010

Is there anything creepier than a big, beer-breathed celebrity athlete exposing himself in a night club and hitting on underage girls, all the while protected by an entourage of off-duty cops? Well, yes. It’s the big, corporate sponsor — Nike, in this case — that continues trying to sell product with the creep as their role model.

MSN Launches Glo, A Women's Lifestyle Site

Apr 6, 2010

Microsoft-owned MSN is going after traditional brand dollars with a new magazine-like content site called Glo, a women's lifestyle venue produced in conjunction with Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S and BermanBraun. The site, which focuses on beauty, style, relationships and other classic women's magazine topics, takes a page from the previous MSN/BermanBraun's collaboration Wonderwall, which is heavy on celebrity photography and employs a vertical navigation interface.

Annoyed With Retail Service, Women Are Buying Their Clothes Online

Apr 5, 2010

For years I've heard stories from Boomer women about their dissatisfaction with clothes shopping. They can't find stores that understand their taste; they seek more privacy than many stores offer; and they are sick and tired of being ignored by salespeople who don't understand how much money they have to spend. The Internet, which lets this Boomer woman overcome so many other obstacles the marketplace presents her, now clearly answers her clothing needs as well.

How Brands Should Appeal To Women

Bob Deutsch
Mar 15, 2010

In my work as a cognitive anthropologist I study how the mind works, how people "make meaning," how people form attachments to things (brands), and how people make decisions. Decisions like how to select what to invest in, whether stocks or mates; why and under what conditions, people prefer Coke over Pepsi (or vice versa), Charmin over Cottonelle; why a person believes in one God over another. In that search I have inadvertently uncovered something about viva la difference: WOMEN CYCLE, MEN CONSUMMATE.

Why Women Are the Biggest Emerging Market

Mar 9, 2010

What's the biggest emerging market of them all? I'll give you a hint: The answer isn't geographic but demographic. The answer is...women. Women leaders are the new power behind the global economy, proclaims Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu's announcement of its second annual webcast celebrating International Women's Day. In developing nations, women's earned income is growing at 8.1 percent, compared to 5.8 percent for men. Globally, women control nearly $12 trillion of the $18 trillion total overall consumer spending, a figure predicted to rise to $15 trillion by 2014. More significant, the majority of tertiary degrees are now being awarded to women. Highly qualified, well-educated and ambitious, these women are taking over the talent pool from Delhi to Dubai and bringing new urgency to the issue of managing diversity.

Women Buying Clothes For Themselves Again

Feb 26, 2010

Women are starting to buy clothes for themselves again, an encouraging sign for retailers as spring approaches. A new report suggests that women, middle-income ones in particular, finally are feeling good enough about the economy that they will splurge on a piece of clothing. The women's apparel market slowed its decline to 3 percent in the fourth quarter from a year ago, better than the 5.1 percent drop in total U.S. apparel sales, according to NPD Group.

Lifetime's Brand Identity Complex

Feb 24, 2010

Lifetime is in transition, again. The latest chapter in the network’s search for itself includes a push for younger viewers – a sweet spot for advertisers – and has resulted in a dwindling audience of loyal, older viewers. The current perception of Lifetime: “‘It’s great for my mom, but I wouldn't watch it.' That has to change," said JoAnn Alfano, Lifetime's executive vice president of programming. "In some ways it's not rocket science. We want to invite all women into the tent and offer a cross-section of programming."

Crystal Light, Thinner and Lighter

Feb 3, 2010

Crystal Light is a sugar-free soluble powder manufactured by Kraft Foods since 1982. Originally offered in only five flavors, the line-up now includes twenty-eight. And as non diet sodas become more and more the face of fattening evil, flavored waters and juices have risen in popularity in the last few years. While I prefer my water on tap without any kind of powder, Kraft Food bets upwards of $40 million in advertising in the last couple of years and more this year, that other people do. And while Crystal Light is clearly targeted towards women, Kraft Foods estimates that 40% of consumers are men, yet at point of purchase, women are the overwhelming majority. This past November, Kraft Foods introduced a new look for Crystal Light with an environmental-friendly range of packaging.

10 Musts For Marketing To Women On Facebook

Jan 13, 2010

Brette Borow is the President and Founder of Girls Guide To, the “ladies only” guide to life, and spends most of her days engaging with the community’s over 140,000 members. There are over 56 million women using Facebook in the United States, and for marketers this means one very important thing –- if you have a brand, product or company that targets women, Facebook is the place to be.

Pitching a Product, Without Showing It

Andrew Adam Newman
Jan 5, 2010

Special K, the 54-year-old Kellogg brand, has in recent years aimed at women with its “Special K Challenge,” which recommends replacing two meals daily with cereal and curtailing snacking to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. The popularity of the plan led the brand to expand to nine flavors and develop noncereal products like frozen waffles, protein bars, crackers, shakes and powdered drink mixes that can be substituted for cereal at mealtimes or eaten as the two daily snacks the plan permits. Despite all those products to sell, a new series of Special K commercials, by the Chicago office of Leo Burnett, part of the Publicis Groupe, features none of them.

Why 'Millennials' Are Impulse Shoppers

Nov 12, 2009

Women ages 20 to 30 represent a $54 billion marketing opportunity for packaged goods companies, but their needs and values are vastly different from the generation before them, a new report from Information Resources found. “Winning with Millennial Women Shoppers” outlines this growing consumer demographic’s key behaviors. Compared to the preceding generation, women born between 1979 and 1989 tend to shop less, buy more during each trip, and frequent supercenters and Walmart more. The economy has also forced these shoppers to cut back on indulgent food categories like frozen poultry, chewing gum, salty snacks and frozen pizza, the report said.

Brands Run After Female Social Gamers

Nov 11, 2009

By now, most marketers have a social network presence. But those looking to capture the attention (and even wallets) of women may want to dig a little deeper to make sure they have a presence in social gaming. "It's grown so fast and so rapidly that brands are struggling to keep up with it," Matt Wise, CEO of Q Interactive, tells Marketing Daily. "If you're looking to find consumers online, it would be hard to find a better opportunity than social games."

A Brand Favored by Muscle Men Wants to Appeal to More Women

Nov 10, 2009

SALES of vitamins and minerals are projected to grow more than 6 percent this year — to $11.2 billion, from $10.6 billion in 2008 — according to Mintel, a market research firm, and that bump may come not in spite of the economic downturn, but because of it. “Economy-conscious consumers concerned with avoiding illness, and thus avoiding sick days, turn to supplements to maintain good health,” Mintel wrote in a recent report. “People tend to take better care of themselves when there are tough economic conditions,” said Joe Fortunato, chief executive of GNC, the vitamin and supplement retailer. A healthy diet, exercise and supplements “are a way to reduce health care costs down the road,” Mr. Fortunato said.

Cause Marketing Even More Important for Women In Down Economy

Stepahnie Schomer
Oct 21, 2009

In 2007, Self magazine released results from a study titled GOOD, which examined how women react to cause marketing. Its findings encouraged cause-supporting companies to make the move from telling consumers about how the company was giving back, to telling consumers how they were helping the company give back--the consumer feels better about herself when she supports "good" companies. Self recently released GOOD 1.5, which delves deeper into women's responses to cause marketing and is relevant given how different the economy is from 2007. Cynthia Walsh, executive director of marketing for Self, said that while many marketers expect consumers to care less about "good" in this environment, the opposite is actually true.

Videogame Firms Make a Play for Women

Oct 13, 2009

Videogame publishers, pushing to expand their businesses, are making games that target girls and women a new industry battleground. This holiday season, more games than ever are being geared toward female players. Electronic Arts Inc. is releasing the latest installment of its "Littlest Pet Shop" game for young girls and introducing a series of fashion-themed games called "Charm Girls Club" for older girls later this month. Sony Corp. in August packaged a lilac version of its PlayStation Portable device with a "Hannah Montana" game, based on the popular television show about a girl and her secret pop career. Publishers also will target women with workout games.

Tokyo Café Targets Trend Makers

Aug 25, 2009

At first glance, the Lcafe appears no different than any of the dozens of cozy cafés in Tokyo's Shibuya district, where trend-conscious young people flock to sip coffee and nibble on cakes and sandwiches. But look closely at the froth of the cappuccino or a coaster resting beneath a drink or the artwork hanging on the wall and it reveals the café's side business: pitching new products to affluent and influential young Japanese women.

How To Catch A Man

Aug 5, 2009

Experts predict a surge in the men's grooming market -- just as they've been doing for the past decade. The men's grooming market is only about one-fifth the size of the women's market, according to Euromonitor. But if the men's market is so dramatically underdeveloped, why has the oft- predicted explosion failed to materialize? Why is it so hard for men's grooming brands to catch a man?

More Moms Using Social Media

Jun 26, 2009

Mothers of young children are spending far more time with social media than just three years ago. And most claim that as their personal time diminishes after becoming moms, they end up sacrificing time spent with magazines and newspapers.

How to Kick Off an Innovation Project

Jun 25, 2009

To build consumer loyalty, Office Max launched a study of what women look for when they buy office supplies

Target Offers Taste of DailyCandy

Jun 2, 2009

Target has its bull's-eye on a new venture: online media. On Tuesday, the retailer plans to formally announce a partnership with DailyCandy.com, the email newsletter and Web site owned by cable operator Comcast that covers fashion and culture for a mostly female audience.

9 Guidelines For Marketing To Women In This Recession

May 26, 2009

Almost everywhere you look now you'll find arguments, analyses, and advice for marketers on how to market in today's economic abyss. And rightfully so, because consumers are spending a whole lot less, making successful marketing a whole lot harder. Time magazine recently reported, for example, that 61% of people are spending less - and will continue to spend less - than they did before. Knowing, as we do, that women represent 85% of consumer spending and translate into a $5 trillion market, it's very clear that knowing how to market to women in this recession is the gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

Candy Bar From Mars Aims For Women From Venus

May 18, 2009

The Snickers bar has a new sibling, and it's a girl. She's sexual, uninhibited — and only 85 calories. The "Fling" is the first new chocolate bar Mars has introduced in more than 20 years.

Tropicana Juices Women's Communities

May 14, 2009

Tropicana officially unveiled "The Juice" community Thursday to promote Trop50, a new orange juice the consumer products goods (CPG) company bills as having 50% less sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Dell Designs New Site for Women

May 14, 2009

It seems lately that Dell is everywhere you look, trying to get you the consumer to pay attention to them. From their successful “I’m a PC” ad campaign, which over took Union Square in NYC earlier this year, to some interesting artist collaborations with a Blitzkrieg of PR, it seems that Dell is angling to move out of the shadows of their cooler big brother Mac, and get people excited about their computers. Dell’s most recent move has been creating a sub-brand Della which will be catering to female PC users.

Kodak Zooms In on Women

Apr 20, 2009

Kodak is using an arsenal of national media properties anchored by assets under the recently formed Women@NBCU banner to drive a value message for its fledgling printer and ink business.

Reebok Hopes To Launch Fad

Apr 10, 2009

Reebok International is looking to flying as the future for the struggling sneaker maker. Two decades after revolutionizing women's fitness with step aerobics, the Canton company has unveiled "Jukari Fit to Fly," a new exercise program that the company is bringing to gyms worldwide. Through a partnership with entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, Reebok is attempting to create more fun in the gym and reclaim its reputation as the women's fitness expert with an hour-long workout that includes a mix of cardio, strength training, balancing, and core training on a contraption known as the FlySet.

Mars to Encourage Women to Have a Fling

Mar 28, 2009

Mars is prepping its first new candy brand since Twix nearly 20 years ago: a low-calorie chocolate bar dubbed "Fling," aimed at women.

A Campaign That Erases a Layer of Euphemisms

Mar 20, 2009

Advertising spots for tampon brands historically have been among the most euphemistic on television, featuring women riding horses along the beach or twirling in fields of flowers, while voice-overs assure that the products will instill “confidence” and “freshness.”

Frito-Lay Tries to Enter the Minds (and Lunch Bags) of Women

Feb 25, 2009

Sorry, men: Baked Lay’s are no longer meant for you. Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo, is overhauling all of its calorie-conscious snacks to make them appeal to women, including the baked versions of Lay’s, Fritos, Ruffles, Doritos, Cheetos and Tostitos; Smartfood; Flat Earth; and its 100-calorie packages of snacks. It has researched women’s feelings about snacking and guilt to produce new packaging, new flavors and a new ad campaign, all in an effort to get women to eat Frito-Lay snacks.


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