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Marketing to Misunderstood Millennials

Alyse Lorber
Oct 3, 2013

Millennials are shaping the present and owning the future. With more purchasing power and decision-making abilities than ever, Millennials are expected to make a lasting impression for decades to come.

Why Not Operationalize Brands?

Aug 10, 2010

Over coffee the other day a colleague asked me a question I actually get asked a lot: Do you find that people “get it?” By “it” he was referring to operationalizing the brand, the approach I teach and help my clients implement. He asked because he’s found, as have I, that although many company leaders claim to understand the difference between expressing and operationalizing a brand, the fact is, most don’t put their brand in the driver’s seat of their organization. Our talk prompted me to think about why this is the case. Most business leaders are eager to leverage the full potential of their brands, but they’re not following through.

John Battelle On The Future Of Search: Part Two

Apr 16, 2010

In the first part of my interview with John Battelle, we talked about the actual search experience—the act of searching and our expectations of what the results of that act might be. But as we started talking about change, it soon became clear that change in the act of search translates into change throughout the entire search industry.

How to Use Google and Twitter to Find Your Customers

Apr 9, 2010

Once you define your goals and know what success looks like, the next step is defining your customer profiles then search for them online. For starters, you should at least know the age demographic, income level or occupation. After you know who your typical customer looks like, you need to find where they are online and what they’re talking about to get a step closer to engage them. This is where you should be looking at using some free online tools to help you gather useful data. Let’s look at using a combination of Google and Twitter to find your customers.

Two Approaches: Shotgun vs Laser

Jeremiah Owyang
Nov 9, 2009

Companies approach social in one of two ways: The first way, companies experiment with little order or goals, the second way, companies have clear goals and intend to invest in a deeper relationship.

Are You Talking to Me?

Aug 6, 2009

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time touring the world in support of my ideas and thoughts on the direction of new PR, branding, service, and marketing communications. My reward and inspiration to continue is sourced from each person I meet and the experiences and challenges they share. I’ve learned that our greatest hindrance to evolve is not our unwillingness to do so, our indoctrination in new media and communications is truly obstructed by the executives to whom we report and serve.

Get It Or Die: Online Is Your Core Business

Gord Hotchkiss
Jun 11, 2009

In a recent survey, we asked B2B buyers how they prefer ordering the things they order all the time. Sixty-three percent said they prefer to order them online. The next largest group was the 15% who would go the traditional route of ordering from a local office over the phone. Another 12% said they'd prefer to order from a real live sales rep. In a recent presentation to a client, I kept that pie chart of results up for a while, allowing it to sink in, because I think the implications are astounding. After it sunk in, I asked what I believe to be a fundamentally important question: "Look at the chart and ask yourself, how closely does your company's strategic direction and resource allocation match that pie chart? That's where your customers are going, and they're moving fast. Are you going to be there when they get there?"

Wanted: Chief Culture Officer

May 18, 2009

A disappointed marketer of ABC Cola recently returned from a Middle East assignment. A colleague asked, "What happened? What went wrong?

Macy's Pursues Customers of Fallen Rivals

May 14, 2009

Amid the worst falloff in consumer spending in decades and a sharp decline in its own results, retailer Macy's Inc. is chasing customers of fallen competitors to rebuild its sales. The Cincinnati, Ohio, retailer expanded its inventory of china and other gifts and heavily promoted its bridal registry to snare Fortunoff Inc.'s bridal business after the New York jewelry and home furnishings retailer filed for Chapter 11 in February. Following the disclosure that 58 Gottschalks and 177 Mervyn's stores on the West Coast would close, Macy's boosted its stocks of cosmetics from Estée Lauder, Clinique and Lancôme, anticipating increased traffic from the rival store closings.

Marketers Can Lead Economic Recovery

May 8, 2009

I'm trying to come up with a convincing argument for why we might eventually be able to claim that economic recovery was marketing-led. I'm promoting that very idea at the Debating Group's MCCA sponsored event at the House of Commons next Monday. There's plenty to fuel such an argument. Any other organs that one might argue are capable of, or even responsible for, pumping life back into our financial system are currently failing.

Moms Say Marketers Ignore Their Needs

May 5, 2009

Marketers have made great strides in recent years to better understand and connect with moms. But in trying to perfect the message, many have forgotten to listen to the very consumer they are trying to woo. According to M2Moms, 60 percent of moms feel that marketers are ignoring their needs, and 73 percent feel that advertisers don't really understand what it's like to be a mom.

Mapping the Cultural Buzz: How Cool Is That?

Apr 10, 2009

Apologies to residents of the Lower East Side; Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and other hipster-centric neighborhoods. You are not as cool as you think, at least according to a new study that seeks to measure what it calls “the geography of buzz.”

Marketers Need To Understand Discussion Before Joining It

Apr 9, 2009

Online social networks are here to stay. They've existed, in various forms, even before they were called social networks -- Friendster, GeoCities, and even Yahoo Groups come to mind. People will always want to connect and engage with other people in powerful environments where this happens easily. However, one of the biggest challenges facing brands today is how to effectively monetize these social properties.

Firms Need To Address Consumer Concerns

Mar 25, 2009

On the heels of a Nielsen IAG study urging financial institutions to advertise more to build consumer confidence, Thomas Riehle, managing partner with D.C.-based polling firm RT Strategies, told Marketing Daily that financial companies must not only do more advertising and public relations, but must also address the issues that are currently on consumers' minds.


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