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Sep 9, 2010

One of the Internet's greatest success stories in 2010 can be found in a former potato chip factory on Vermont Street in Potrero Hill. This is the original office of Zynga, the S.F.-based creator of online "social" games — FarmVille, a simple application in which participants plant and harvest crops, is the company's best-known product — that in three years has gone from scrappy startup to the toast of Silicon Valley. Since launching its first Internet game in 2007, Zynga has grown rapidly. The company's true earnings are unknown to outsiders, but industry observers estimate that its annual revenue could now be $500 million or more. In May, social-media analyst Lou Kerner estimated Zynga's total price tag at $4 billion, based on corporate filings for a stock issuance. In light of Zynga's phenomenal rise, one former senior employee recalls arriving at the company eager to discover what new business practices were driving its success in a market where other popular Web 2.0 ventures struggled to make money. What was Zynga's secret?

Google's Push Into Gaming Is "A Strategic Necessity"

Aug 11, 2010

Facebook continues to be the number one destination for online social gaming, but Google is hoping to change that. It's become increasingly clear in recent months that the internet behemoth wants to challenge Facebook directly, and according to some in the analyst community, this new focus from Google is a necessary step for the company.

Disney Buys Playdom in $763 Million Deal, Becoming Hollywood Leader in Social Games

Jul 28, 2010

The Walt Disney Company on Tuesday became Hollywood’s leader in the booming social game business by acquiring Playdom in a deal worth as much as $763.2 million.

Opportunities for Brands in Social Games

May 11, 2010

With Zynga, creator of FarmVille, recently valued at $4 billion dollars and established game companies such as Electronic Arts jumping on board, games are becoming a legitimate interactive social channel for the masses. Why Would Your Brand Consider Partnering With A Social Game?

Real Brand Opportunities in a Virtual Economy

Jennifer Bartlett
Feb 8, 2010

Chances are, a good portion of your target audience is actively engaged in online games. And if they're there, you should be there, too. Gamers are not passive observers; they're active and motivated participants. Brands have a chance to be part of that experience -- often in the very moment when players are willing to give something to get ahead in the game. This is a level of attention that few, if any, other media can offer.

Brands Run After Female Social Gamers

Nov 11, 2009

By now, most marketers have a social network presence. But those looking to capture the attention (and even wallets) of women may want to dig a little deeper to make sure they have a presence in social gaming. "It's grown so fast and so rapidly that brands are struggling to keep up with it," Matt Wise, CEO of Q Interactive, tells Marketing Daily. "If you're looking to find consumers online, it would be hard to find a better opportunity than social games."


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