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A Sense of Place, A World of Augmented Reality

Mitchell Schwarzer
Jun 9, 2010

In the third millennium it’s getting harder than ever to stay in place. Who hasn’t seen a driver almost crash while talking on a cell phone? Who hasn’t noticed children in a park staring down at a game-boy instead of romping about? Who hasn’t been to a dinner party and caught someone sneaking a glance at his handheld under the table and sending a tweet about the first course before even finishing it? Each week, it seems, industry comes up with new gadgets that help us to jump out of our bodies and flash out there to everything under the sun that can be encoded by electrical signals, pulses of light and binary values. Few of these digital experiences would have registered before the 21st century and some have become widespread only in the past few years. We’re in the first stage of a transformation of our sense of place as momentous as that which occurred a couple of centuries ago, when products from smoke-stacked factories forged modern society.

Place Naming and Product Branding: A Symbiotic Relationship

Oct 28, 2009

Think about these famous brand names: * Kate Spade * Vineyard Vines * Chanel. Each one proudly proclaims their origins. The words Kate Spade on a product are almost always followed by the words "New York." The labels on Vineyard Vines products share space with the words "Martha's Vineyard." And Chanel perfumes elegantly bear the name "Paris" on the packaging. The reason for this is obvious: these places add instant cachet and equity to the brand vineyard-martha's-logo.jpgname.


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