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Online Advertisers Getting Ripped Off—By Themselves

Mike Shields
Nov 8, 2013

A lot of online advertisers are worried these days about getting ripped off—whether they end up buying non-viewable ads that run below the fold of websites to ads that never reach actual human beings. But a new report from Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) which has long tracked the impact of media on real purchase behavior says waste is rampant in online media—not because of deception, but rather, neglect.

Rethinking Your Operational Blueprint

Chris Vaughan
Feb 25, 2013

From globally recognized brands to startup organizations, many of the problems that keep marketers up at night boil down to gaps in operational structure.

The Age of Exabytes: Tools & Approaches for Managing Big Data

Oct 13, 2010

We are experiencing a big data explosion, a result not only of increasing Internet usage by people around the world, but also the connection of billions of devices to the Internet. Eight years ago, for example, there were only around 5 exabytes of data online. Just two years ago, that amount of data passed over the Internet over the course of a single month. And recent estimates put monthly Internet data flow at around 21 exabytes of data.

Report: It's a Strong Year for Display Ads

Sep 1, 2010

Despite stalled economic recovery, online display advertising has shown impressive vigor in 2010, according to a new report issued by the yield optimization firm the Rubicon Project. According to the report, CPMs jumped an average 25 percent in Q2 of this year versus Q1 among Web publishers within the Rubicon 20 Index, a group of 20 publishers within the news, gaming, finance and entertainment categories, which Rubicon deems as “premium” brands. The company does not say which sites are part of the Rubicon 20 Index, but its more high-profile partners include NBC Universal, Time Inc. and Gannett.

10 Brands That Will Disappear In 2011: 24/7 Wall Street

24/7 Wall St.
Jun 21, 2010

24/7 Wall St. regularly compiles a report of brands that are likely to disappear in the near-term. Last April, and again in December, we published our findings. Usually, it would take a full year before such a list could be compiled again. However, the current economic climate has accelerated this process and a majority of the brands on the first two lists are either gone, have been acquired, or have filed for bankruptcy. Last April, 24/7 Wall St. identified twelve brands that our analysis showed would disappear, including Saturn, Borders, Palm, AIG and Eddie Bauer.

Consensus on Retail

Denise Lee Yohn
Jun 18, 2010

Consensus Advisors just released their 2009-2010 Retailer Health Ratings (RHRs) report. The RHRs measure and compare retailers over a five-year period on: healthy growth, asset utilization, pricing power and balance sheet strength.

Ford Report Records Sustainability Measures

Jun 16, 2010

It's not exactly about cars, but Ford Motor's latest Sustainability Report might matter to people who are rethinking not just the products they use but the companies that make them, perhaps more so now in light of the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.

Good Brands Report 2010: Top 10s

Apr 27, 2010

Besides the top ten overall brands in our 2010 Good Brands Report, we had members of the Purple List rank brands according to different criteria, such as imagination, or responsibility.

The Mobile Internet Report

Dec 15, 2009

Morgan Stanley's global technology and telecom analysts set out to do a deep dive into the rapidly changing mobile Internet market. We wanted to create a data-rich, theme-based framework for thinking about how the market may develop. We intend to expand and edit the framework as the market evolves. A lot has changed since we published “The Internet Report” in 1995 on the web. We decided to create The Mobile Internet Report largely in PowerPoint and publish it on the web, expecting that bits and pieces of it will be cut / pasted / redistributed and debated / dismissed / lauded. Our goal is to get our thoughts and data into the conversation about what may be the biggest technology trend ever, one that may help make us all more informed in ways that are unique to the web circa 2009, and beyond.

Report Calls for State Action on Journalism

Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson
Oct 20, 2009

Fees from telecoms bills or internet service providers should be diverted to a fund for local news akin to the National Endowment for the Arts, according to a new study of future models for ensuring the survival of “accountability journalism” in the US. The report by Len Downie Jr, who spent 17 years as executive editor of The Washington Post, and Michael Schudson, professor of communication at the University of California, was commissioned by Columbia University. “American society must now take some collective responsibility for supporting news reporting,: the authors argued, calling for support in the form of tax breaks, philanthropic donations, university partnership and funds diverted from other areas.

Automakers Panic As Gen Y Abandons The Automotive Dream

Oct 16, 2009

Detroit's year of bad news just got worse: the car industry isn't only losing sales from current buyers depressed by the economy -- it's losing the future. A new J.D. Power report says teens and twenty-somethings lack what was once thought to be the genetic desire to own a car. The study, which analyzed hundreds of thousands of conversations on blogs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, showed young people have a poor image of the auto industry. The bad economy and high gas prices could be to blame. But J.D. Power blames social media itself: "with the advent of social media and other forms of electronic communities, teens perceive less of a need to physically congregate, and less of a need for a mode of transportation.”

Online Shopping Levels The Playing Field

Sep 4, 2009

It's likely that the children and teenagers of today will conduct the majority of their shopping online, according to a report from Nielsen. While online shopping accounts for a modest percentage of today's sales, it is growing rapidly. In 2008, online retail accounted for approximately 7% of total retail sales in the U.S., with 1.5% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) spending done on the Web, according to Nielsen's "Building Great Brands in the Digital Age: Guidelines for Developing Winning Strategies."

Twitter’s Effect in the Marketplace

Aug 21, 2009

According to a recent eMarketer report, Twitter - so far - isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for the marketing industry. Only 8% of those in the advertising world feel that Twitter is effective for marketing to their audiences - partially because of the lack of knowledge and awareness that the general consumer has around Twitter. Research from LinkedIn showed that while over 80% of advertisers knew Twitter, only 30% of consumers on the Web were familiar with the micro-blogging tool.

Only P&G, Reckitt Convey Value of Marketing in Annual Reports

Aug 14, 2009

Only two companies, Procter & Gamble and Reckitt Benckiser, have figured out how to communicate the importance of brand to the bottom line in their annual reports, according to a survey of these documents from major marketers. The lesson: If marketers want to win the battle for company resources, they must work harder to promote their contribution to the bottom line in annual reports, according to a new global survey by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in the U.K.

Twitter Zombies: 24% of Tweets Created by Bots

Aug 6, 2009

24% of Tweets are created by automated bots, not humans, according to a recent study. Meanwhile, it was found that 5% of Twitter accounts generate 75% of Tweets. The “Inside Twitter” study, conducted last month by Sysomos, surprised researchers when they discovered that such a small number of accounts were generating so much of Twitter’s content. Now, they’ve published in-depth data looking more closely at that highly-active 5% of the userbase.

15 Years

Jul 29, 2009

I just re-read The Economist's "Future Tense: The Global CMO" survey from late last year. And I'm not encouraged that there's even a future for the job description. The report reflected results from a survey of 250+ senior marketing execs around the world, so it's far more of a snapshot of the present than an insight into what the future might reveal. EIU.com normally studies countries and other substantive subjects; this report was sponsored by Google, which has an obvious interest in what CMOs think they're supposed to be doing.

The Most Engaged Brands On The Web

Jul 20, 2009

What big brands do the best job with social media? A new study by analyst Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group and Wetpaint ranks the top 100 brands by social media engagement.


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