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Today, Just Be Average

Greg McKeown
Oct 30, 2013

Do you ever “back door brag” about being a perfectionist? Unlike other obsessions and addictions, perfectionism is something a lot of people celebrate, believing it’s an asset. But true perfectionism can actually get in the way of productivity and happiness.

The Irony Of Digital Technology

Jul 27, 2010

More than an analog vs. digital debate (we doubt anyone will trade their smartphone for one of the earliest brick-sized mobile phones), it may simply be driven by a desire to recreate the feeling of a memory, vs. such a perfect, shiningly new image. Will that yearning replace the desire for the highest technical features? We doubt it.

In-N-Out: Can Perfection Survive?

May 7, 2009

My life as a fast-food consumer pretty much ended the moment my kids became old enough to drive themselves to the nearest hamburger stand. But even back then I knew that all such chains could be divided into two categories: There was In-N-Out, and there was everybody else.

How To Be More Human

David Armano
Mar 26, 2009

Right now the biggest challenge to being successful on the social web is through high quality micro-interactions with high quality human beings. But organizations will find this difficult to embrace. The industrial revolution has taught us to mass produce and move away from human dependency. Here's a few ways to be "more human".


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