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NSFW: When Social Networks are Blocked for Your Own Good

Oct 7, 2009

In Social Media, we indeed cast digital shadows. We are what we tweet and in the era of equalized influence and democratized digital content distribution, our reputation does in fact precede us. The very tools we use to satisfy our quiet flirtations with vanity as we channel our inner micro celebrity are in actuality the same platforms that can also unravel the fabric of our stature. Why does Social Media seem to lower our guard? Why do we feel insulated in our very public activities as if we’re merely conversing in a trusted group forum? Yet we’re shocked and angered when the words we intentionally share are used against us. We are frustrated and disappointed when access to these systems that facilitate self-empowerment are regulated. Social Media is among the most pervasive and prominent technologies to enter the workplace from the outside-in, whereas innovation and modernization typically transpires from the top-down

Brand Engagement: Packaging Service Brands

Sep 15, 2009

He continued, “I think the levels of confidence people have in service brands are infinitely lower than the levels they have in product brands.” In Brand Engagement (2008), management consultant Ian Buckingham profiles unsuccessful attempts to relocate call center services to India, a practice that resulted in soaring numbers of customer complaints and extensive damage to corporate brands, not to mention India’s national brand. The author suggests that these kinds of problems could have been avoided if the employees had been engaged in activities that fulfilled their higher order needs and if they had worked for organizations that shared their values.

Organizational Culture 101: A Practical How-To For Interaction

Sam Ladner
Sep 8, 2009

Organizations are tenuous phenomena; they can fall apart at any time. To navigate the landscape of organizational culture interaction designers need a set of practical tools, language & knowledge drawn from the world of cultural anthropology. It’s happened to all of us. We walk into what we think is a Web redesign project, only to find we have unwittingly ignited the fires of WW III in our client’s organization. What begins as a simple design project descends – quickly – into an intra-organizational battle, with the unprepared interaction designer caught in the crossfire. What is it about design projects that seem to attract such power struggles? Contrary to what you might think, being stuck in the middle of an internecine battle is actually an opportunity to effect meaningful change on your client’s organization.

Corporate Social Media, from Macro to Micro

Valeria Maltoni
Sep 2, 2009

This concept of going from macro to micro must be the most significant development brought by the social Web. While in the past, the official position of a company was the *only* public position a company would have, today, a company's public face is a composition. In fact, if it's done its job well, an organization could have a myriad voices, all different, yet all on the same cultural page.


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