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Real-Life in Dialogue: Does Open Innovation Work?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Unbound Edition today launches a new type of marketing interview: one focused on the struggles of bringing great ideas to market, not just recounting the successes of a few big winners. Our belief is there might be more to learn -- and share -- when talking about the roadblocks to “obvious” successes than merely celebrating them after the fact. We think even Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Schultz, might agree, having recently pondered why his next big hit, the Sorbetto, fell flat with consumers. Our first subject: an alternative flour that has made its way into big food companies but not yet to store shelves.

At Issue } essential reading

Web 2.0: A Natural Evolution?

Haydn Shaughnessy
Sep 22, 2010

Could Web 2.0 be grounded in nature? Our new research shows that Web users are increasingly conceptualizing the online world and new technology — social networks, mobile phones, and even whole businesses — as ecosystems.

Openness, Or How Do You Design For The Loss Of Control?

Tim Leberecht
Aug 18, 2010

Openness is the mega-trend for innovation in the 21st century, and it remains the topic du jour for businesses of all kinds. Granted, it has been on the agenda of every executive ever since Henry Chesbrough’s seminal Open Innovation came out in 2003. However, as several new books elaborate upon the concept from different perspectives, and a growing number of organizations have recently launched ambitious initiatives to expand the paradigm to other areas of business, I thought it might be a good time to reframe “Open” from a design point of view.

Why Innovation Thrives at the Mayo Clinic

Aug 17, 2010

Start listening for guidance on innovation and you tend to hear a lot about Apple, Google, and other high-tech pioneers in Silicon Valley, Boston, or Seattle. You rarely hear about hospitals, especially those that operate closer to farm fields than oceans. Yet in the extensive research my team has done to uncover the mystery of successful innovation, we've found few track records to rival that of The Mayo Clinic, in decidedly non-urban Rochester, Minnesota.

Open Innovation's Next Challenge: Itself

John Hagel III and John Seely Brown
Feb 4, 2010

Are companies, with all their good intentions, getting the most from open innovation? We suspect that the initial successes, encouraging as they are, represent only the beginning. What if open innovation were defined more broadly and more ambitiously? Could even greater value be realized? If so, what would the next wave of open innovation look like?

Where Social Media and Innovation Intersect

Jeffrey Phillips
Sep 1, 2009

While it was once regarded primarily as a private activity, innovation has increasingly become a process that encourages participation by an organization’s employees, prospects, customers and partners. This system of external or open innovation creates a community that looks very much like a social network. In fact, open innovation communities are simply a specific example of social networking.

The Crowd Is Wise (When It’s Focused)

Steve Lohr
Jul 19, 2009

Few concepts in business have been as popular and appealing in recent years as the emerging discipline of “open innovation.” The overarching notion is that the Internet opens the door to a new world of democratic idea generation and collaborative production. Early triumphs like the Linux operating system and the Wikipedia Web encyclopedia are seen as harbingers. But a look at recent cases and new research suggests that open-innovation models succeed only when carefully designed for a particular task and when the incentives are tailored to attract the most effective collaborators.

Cultivating Innovation: An Interview With The CEO of a Leading Italian Design Firm

Marla M. Capozzi and Josselyn Simpson
Feb 18, 2009

Alberto Alessi, head of his family’s iconic design factory, talks about how to sustain innovation over decades—and why companies should take more risk.


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