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Mobile Phone Ranked Most Used Electronic Device

Giselle Tsirulnik
Sep 23, 2010

Forrester Research’s largest annual survey of Americans’ technology adoption finds that 73 percent of the 37,000 respondents claim the mobile phone is the electronic device they use the most.

Tall Tales Of Short Message Services

Aug 26, 2010

Today, companies are increasingly turning to SMS or text messaging campaigns to improve the efficiency of their marketing and CRM communications, but when considering SMS, it is important to understand how to leverage it properly in enterprise environments so that common missteps can be avoided. Below I have outlined six of the most common questions companies have when considering SMS, and the simple answers to help overcome these hurdles.

ABI: No Mobile Plan? It's Time To Get One

Jul 22, 2010

Marketers, listen up: if you don't have a mobile marketing plan, it's time to get one. According to ABI Research, consumers are ready and willing to receive marketing messages through their mobile devices. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the more affordable data plans, more people than ever are available through mobile marketing messages.

5 Terms that Signify the Future of Mobile Marketing

Feb 18, 2010

For many marketers, considering mobile marketing year after year is the same story. The year starts off with lots of hype about it finally being the "year of mobile marketing" ... and after a month or two, the excitement dies down and reality hits. Most teams realize that they lack the experience or knowledge on what type of messages people will actually engage with and bow to the fear that only a fraction of the people they care about will respond to advertising or marketing in a mobile environment. Predictably, their attention turns elsewhere and mobile marketing initiatives stall. Is this year really going to be any different?

Location-Based Apps Hold Promise For Big Marketers

Ian Schafer
Jan 9, 2010

By now many marketers have probably played around Foursquare or Gowalla or know someone who has. For the uninitiated, these are location-based mobile applications that allow people to "check in" from stadiums, bars and bookstores and compete for "mayorship," collect badges and share tips. They are practical, addicting and lots of fun. Users of these services number in the hundreds of thousands today. That's small by national advertiser standards, but it's significant for many local advertisers, which are offering discounts to frequent visitors and offers to people who are physically nearby. This is a trend in local marketing worth noting because it promises to give national advertisers the opportunity to conjure up or attach to an emotion among smaller niche groups.

Mobile Phones Become Essential Tool for Holiday Shopping

Dec 18, 2009

The mobile phone is quickly becoming Santa’s biggest helper. Powerful software applications for devices like the Apple iPhone are making it easy for bargain-hunting consumers to see if another retailer is offering a better deal on a big-screen HDTV or pair of shoes and to use it to haggle at the cash register. Online retailers are revamping the mobile versions of their sites so consumers can make purchases without tedious typing. And offline retailers, battling for every last dollar, are sending cellphone users electronic coupons to lure them away from competitors.

In Mobile, Delivery Device Matters to the Message

Judy Shapiro
Dec 4, 2009

Mobile marketing has been an interesting space ever since my time working at Bell Labs in the days of the 802.11A platform. Its promise was glittery then and now it's taken on a new level of interest, as measured by the near frantic rate of acquisitions and VC investments in this space. All this new energy can't be explained by the technology alone; the notion of proximity marketing has been kicking around for four years or more. What's different this time around is that mobile marketing breaks previous marketing models because the message is inextricably linked to the device it's delivered on. That's new. In the past, the device via which the marketing message was delivered, a TV for example, was irrelevant to the message itself. Welcome to Mobile Marketing 3.0. In the mobile marketing 3.0 world, hardware, technology, real-time interaction, community are all mashed up to deliver a marketing experience I'll call Extreme Marketing UX. The device is not irrelevant here but is what helps propel the action since the phone is part of the experience itself.

Consumers Use Cellphones In Interesting Ways

Nov 17, 2009

Mobile advertising seemed like the next big thing just about 10 years ago. Now it has arrived. With widespread adoption of advertising-friendly smart phones, such as the iPhone, Blackberry and the new Droid, marketers are finally ready to divvy out their budgets to mobile. This year, mobile ad spending is expected to hit $416 million, up 30% over last year. By 2013, marketers will spend around $1.6 million, according to research firm eMarketer. How marketers should pitch their wares may be determined by consumer behavior. So what are people doing on their cellphones?

Good News, Bad News for Mobile Marketing

Nov 13, 2009

While mobile marketing is growing briskly, the pattern of consumers' engagement with it remains uneven from one demographic cohort to another. A BIGresearch study examines the current composition of mobile marketing's audience. And, even as such marketing expands, the research detects continued and growing consumer distaste for many forms of it.

Madison Avenue Backs Google-AdMob Deal

Nov 10, 2009

Agencies and even rival mobile ad networks appeared to welcome Google's proposed $750 million acquisition of AdMob announced Monday as a ringing endorsement of the emerging mobile ad market. The hefty sum that Google is willing to spend to snap up the leading mobile ad network -- launched only three years ago -- shows that the long-hyped potential of mobile advertising is finally becoming a reality, they say. While the move is likely to shake up the competitive landscape in the short term, overall, it helps legitimize mobile as an advertising medium. "It's great validation for the mobile market, and sends a clear message to publishers and media buyers that there are real opportunities to make money off the sector," said Eric Litman, CEO of Medialets, which supplies rich media technology and ad-serving for mobile applications.

Marketers Salivating Over Smartphone Potential

Oct 21, 2009

Jeff Smith is a diligent social-networking user, but he doesn't own a PC. "I prefer a cellphone and a service for a cellphone," says Smith, 40, a postal worker in Detroit who served as an Army Ranger in Desert Storm and Somalia. For about a year, Smith has used MocoSpace (for "mobile community space") to chat, meet people, search the Web and play games. "Anything else feels like too much." The majority of people who participate on social networks do so from their PCs. Yet a growing number — many of whom can't afford a PC or would rather not use one — are using mobile devices to tell their friends where they are and what they're up to and for sharing pictures.

The Year (Almost) Of Mobile Search

Oct 9, 2009

Each year at Razorfish we release our Digital Outlook Report in which we make predictions about the trends, developments and opportunities that will dominate the next calendar year. Fortunately no one's keeping score. For the last four years running we've said the coming year would be the breakout year for mobile. So far that hasn't happened. Since we've been wrong so many times before, I will take a more cautious approach here and simply say that 2010 is the year in which marketers need to make a serious investment in their mobile strategy.

What Mobile Payments Will Mean for the Marketing World

Oct 5, 2009

What happens to marketing if mobile phones replace credit cards as a form of payment? It's something marketers need to start figuring out now. Even as more and more tests roll out across the world, marketing strategy is lagging behind new technology. In Japan, mobile payments have been in use for about four years, and about 20% of consumers are using it. But merchants have only recently tied loyalty programs to mobile payment. McDonald's, for example, introduced a loyalty and payment program last year in Japan that lets customers choose their meals, redeem coupons and pay for purchases with their mobile phones.

Ralph Lauren Looks to Innovate Beyond Mobile Comfort Zones

Sep 30, 2009

Polo Ralph Lauren has long been out in front of its luxury and fashion peers when it comes to technology. The brand was among the first to embrace e-commerce, and, in more recent history, it has been aggressive in its use of mobile marketing. Last year alone, the company went live with a mobile commerce platform, began using QR Codes and launched its first iPhone app (this month it launched its second app around its Rugby brand). The "Make Your Own Rugby" iPhone app allows users to personalize rugby and polo shirts, as well as upload their photos to virtually try on the shirt.

APP vs. WAP: Which Is Most Important for Mobile Marketers?

Sep 29, 2009

Major League Baseball has become a large-scale player in the digital-media business. Its latest application has hundreds of thousands of users watching baseball games live on their iPhone screens. And MLB.com, its digital arm, has grappled with the question of whether WAP -- mobile web pages -- or downloadable apps are the best road forward to higher digital revenue streams. MLB.com President Robert Bowman discusses his conclusions at the recent Ad Age Apps for Brands Conference.

How Brands Can Build a Successful App Strategy

Sep 24, 2009

More than a year into the age of the iPhone app, brands are starting to get on board -- and best practices are emerging. At Wednesday's Apps for Brands event in New York, marketers taught other marketers what's worked for them. Here are 12 lessons culled from the day, during which MLB.com CEO Bob Bowman and marketers from Kraft, Bank of America, Benjamin Moore and AKQA convened to talk about what they've learned from their early, successful forays into the space.

The Seven Myths Of Mobile Advertising

Jul 10, 2009

With a clearer distinction between what's realistic today and what's been mystified by industry hype, brands, agencies and publishers alike can start leveraging the mobile medium now as an easy-to-use, creative, targeted, and measurable new revenue opportunity.

Dunkin Run - Coffee Lovers Are Served

Jun 23, 2009

I just love apps that are useful instead of pure marketing. Maybe this has happened to you: you announce to your office mates that you’re heading out for coffee, and you volunteer to pick them up something. Now, you’re the easiest order in there: ‘large black coffee,’ and so you presume they’ll be the same. Only not. They want a medium iced french vanilla with one splenda and two squirts of applesauce or whatever, and suddenly, you’re grinding your teeth for offering to go. Dunkin Donuts just built a site and an iPhone app to make it easier.

IPhone Gets Bigger as Ad Medium

May 12, 2009

Madison Avenue is plowing more resources into a new marketing medium: Apple Inc.'s iPhone. In the past several months, companies such as Burger King Holdings Inc., Zippo Manufacturing Co. and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. have experimented with promotional software applications that can be downloaded onto the iPhone, or they have created ads that are placed within other popular applications for the device.

Mobile Marketing Won't Work Here

May 10, 2009

As recently as the last five years, a new form of marketing has begun to take shape, hoping to be the answer to accessing the 65 million Generation Yers who own a cell phone. This new approach is known as mobile marketing.

How Harley-Davidson Drives Mobile Marketing, Facebook

May 1, 2009

For decades, Harley-Davidson has been singled out as one of the strongest brand names—in an exclusive circle of cult brands including Apple and Mini. But how does the marketing arm of the Milwaukee, Wis.-based manufacturer drive sales leads into its 650 independent U.S. dealerships? And how has the brand parlayed its audience’s rare offline devotion into an interactive marketing success story? To address these questions, Brandweek sat down with Randy Sprenger, manager of electronic advertising and direct promotions, Harley-Davidson, where he’s been leading campaigns for the last 10 years.

Marketers Say Hello to Long-Awaited Mobile Technology

Mar 15, 2009

When Peter Shipman, a franchise owner of the Qdoba casual Mexican restaurant chain, was launching his third outlet in the college town of Ann Arbor, Mich., he needed a way to draw students to the new location -- and he wanted to speak their technological parlance. So he bought ads in the campus newspaper and posted promotional posters, each with a code kids could scan with their phones to get a mobile coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free burrito.

Kraft Hits on Killer App for IPhone Marketing

Jan 18, 2009

One of the coolest apps on the iPhone isn't Pandora or Facebook: It's recipes and shopping lists for Kraft singles, Jell-O gelatin and Minute Rice.

FTC Asked To Protect Mobile Privacy

Jan 13, 2009

Two advocacy groups are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether mobile marketers are violating users' privacy. In the 52-page complaint to be filed today, the Center for Digital Democracy and U.S. Public Interest Research Group allege that emerging mobile marketing shops deploy the same "unfair and deceptive" behavioral targeting strategies as older Web marketers.


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