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Count on Mobile to Be Part of Everything Google Does

Sep 13, 2010

In May, google finally got the FTC's blessing for its $750 million acquisition of the mobile ad network AdMob, its most ambitious foray into mobile short of, say, its Android mobile-operating system. Together, Google and AdMob hold 21% mobile ad market share, more than any other player, according to research firm IDC. Since the official go-ahead, AdMob has moved to Google headquarters in Mountain View, and the two have spent the last few months figuring out how they can live together and use the search giant's existing infrastructure and ad world clout to help the fledgling mobile ad industry scale. Ad Age checked in with former AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui, now Google VP-product management, to see how the integration is going, where he thinks the industry is headed, and what the impact is of new classes of devices such as the iPad and location-based apps.

Top 5 Mobile Advertising Trends To Watch

Erica Swallow
Aug 20, 2010

Mobile advertising is increasingly important, as cell phone adoption rates, especially smartphone adoption rates, soar. With a range of mobile advertising options, including SMS, WAP, mobile app display ads, search ads, rich media, video and push notifications, the landscape can be a bit complicated. After a tough 2009, advertisers are expected to increase mobile and digital marketing budgets over the next year. With this in mind, it’s essential that advertisers keep up-to-date on their options in the mobile space. Here, we’ve laid out five mobile advertising trends to watch over the coming year.

Getting Started With Mobile Paid Search Advertising

May 17, 2010

After several years of lying in the weeds, mobile advertising has significantly picked up steam. It finally makes sense to understand how to effectively use and deploy mobile paid search marketing campaigns. In this article, I’ll provide some basic tips related to paid search mobile marketing. In my next article, I’ll suggest several ad copy and landing pages strategies for mobile paid search campaigns.

Agencies and Developers Welcome Apple’s iAd

Tim Bradshaw, Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson and Richard Waters
Apr 11, 2010

Advertising agencies and software developers on Friday welcomed Apple’s new iAd network as a potential breakthrough that could give an important boost to the small but fast-growing mobile advertising market. However, they also warned that making ads for iAd would be expensive and it was likely to take some time for Apple to demonstrate it could build a big enough market to make it worthwhile.

Rumor: 'iAd' Mobile Ad Platform is Apple's Next Big Thing

Kyle VanHemert
Mar 28, 2010

MediaPost reports that Apple's next next big thing, after iPads invade the world next weekend, will be iAd, a mobile advertising platform to be debuted April 7. Coffee dates and patent suits aside, this could be the true Apple-Google battleground.

Despite Promise, Mobile Ads Come Up Short

Feb 22, 2010

Mobile advertising, long tabbed as the next big thing, is finally getting its share of attention. Google and Apple, poised in a battle for dominance in what's being hailed as the successor to the PC Internet, have spent a combined $1 billion to buy mobile ad networks AdMob and Quattro Wireless. And Microsoft last week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, previewed its next mobile phone platform, Windows Phone 7. Yet despite the excitement over the potential of mobile ads, they currently come up short for the kind of advertising most appealing to brands. In the words of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, as reported by BusinessWeek last month, "Mobile ads suck."

Apple To Acquire Mobile Ad Platform Quattro Wireless For $275 Million

Jan 5, 2010

Google made huge waves in the mobile industry when it acquired mobile ad network AdMob for $750 million. Now Apple, which is increasingly in direct competition with Google, has countered its new rival. According to All Things Digital, Apple has entered into an agreement to acquire Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad platform similar to AdMob but smaller in scale. The announcement may come as soon as tomorrow.

2009 Really Isn't the Year of Mobile

Nov 16, 2009

The ink had barely dried on Google’s $750 million deal to buy mobile ad network AdMob before some were saying it heralds “the year of mobile.” Of course, the year of mobile has been predicted virtually annually for the past decade. There is compelling evidence that this time it’s different. Overall, there are now more mobile phones in the world than personal computers. There are more than 4.6 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, according to eMarketer. Yet mobile advertising remains a tiny market. eMarketer expects it to generate just $416 million in U.S. ad spending this year, about the same amount spent on search marketing in two weeks. This will undoubtedly change, although perhaps not as quickly as mobile’s biggest boosters hope, according to agency executives, analysts and mobile veterans. Here are the key reasons why:

Why Google's Acquisition Of AdMob Isn't Just About Advertising

Nov 11, 2009

There is a lot of speculation on why Google is buying AdMob, but the obvious reason is that Google wants more direct access to what they are betting heavily on--that mobile is the next great advertising medium. They've made a huge bet on mobile with Android--which is an obvious move to own the mobile search ad market, but now they've got their hooks into the mobile display ad market as well. But what many might be missing could be the biggest reason Google ( GOOG - news - people ) bought AdMob: the data.

Google Set to Acquire AdMob for $750 Million

Miguel Helft
Nov 10, 2009

In a push to expand its digital advertising empire to cellphones, Google has agreed to acquire AdMob, a fast-growing mobile advertising start-up, for $750 million in stock, the companies said Monday. AdMob is one of the top sellers of banner ads on iPhone applications and Web pages that can be retrieved from mobile phones. The acquisition could help establish Google as an early leader in the small but rapidly expanding mobile phone advertising business.

Jaguar, Land Rover Make $1.6 Million Mobile Buy

Feb 26, 2009

Jaguar and Land Rover have committed to mobile buys worth a collective $1.6 million for 2009, according to AdMob, the ad network that has been tapped to run the automakers' mobile campaigns. The luxury auto brands will split the budget to run mobile campaigns on AdMob's U.S. network.


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