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Bitcoin Exchange Prices Plummet as Investors Brace for Bankruptcy

Robert McMillan
Feb 19, 2014

Welcome to the world of bitcoin, the Wild West of finance, a place where hackers and scandals and insane price fluctuations are just part of doing business. Mt. Gox, a digital currency pioneer that was once the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, is imploding before our very eyes.

The Coming Branded-Currency Revolution

Mark Bonchek & Gene Cornfield
Jul 16, 2013

Coupons. Gift cards. Loyalty points. These tried-and-true tools of the retail trade might not be as sexy as other forms of marketing. But together they account for more than $165 billion in purchasing power.

Four Economic Benchmarks We Need Now

Jun 23, 2010

Should governments accept the dictates of markets? It's the question raging across the econoverse in the wake of demands for austerity from bondholders. But it's the wrong question. The right question is: are organizations and markets making decisions that help make people, communities, and society better off in the long run, by allocating their scarce resources to the most productive uses? The correct role of governance is to shape the decisions of markets, by breathing life into social preferences and expectations. Here's what I mean by that. Once upon a time, markets "wanted" indentured servitude, debtors prisons, and child labor. But those decisions were unacceptable to society, and so governments took on the challenge of shaping them, reforming markets by preventing them from choosing those options.

The Collaboration Economy

Jeff Jarvis
Oct 16, 2009

Two events of recent days underscore for me how old-media executives are not comprehending the collaboration economy: how it adds value, how it creates efficiency, how it operates under new currencies. Add this to the other blind spots these old media powers have about the new economic reality: the imperatives of the link economy, the need and benefit of giving up control, the advantages of creating open platforms over closed systems, the value of networks, the post-scarcity economy and the art of exploiting abundance, the need to be searchable to be found, the deflation innovation brings, the value of free, the triumph of process over product…. This is what I wrote in my book about. Trying to get media to understand it is why I wrote it. Behind each of these new laws of the new age is a set of consequences that result if you don’t at least try to understand them and continue to operate under the expired rules of the industrial economy.

The Currency of Online Sharing

Jun 4, 2009

Content doesn’t spread on the web because of its inherent qualities. We choose to share content because of its value within a network.

Noted for Trust

Mar 1, 2009

In the pretty Sussex town of Lewes, 10 miles inland from the southern English coast, an interesting experiment is taking place. The hometown of 18th-century reformer Thomas Paine is living up to his tradition of social radicalism by introducing its own currency.


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