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Gap, Digg.com: How to Respond to Critics

Oct 13, 2010

Back in August, social news aggregator Digg.com redesigned its service. The makeover was met with near-universal backlash, and sent traffic tumbling down 26% in the U.S. alone. Digg has since hired a new CEO, former Amazon exec Matt Williams, whose candid approach to this issue serves as a lesson in humility for businesses, and as an example for how companies should respond to resounding criticism in the age of the social media echo chamber. On Tuesday, Williams took to Digg's blog to convey two simple messages. First, we apologize for our mistakes. Second, here's what we're doing to fix the situation.

Behaviorgraphics Humanize the Social Web

Brian Solis
Mar 23, 2010

In 2007 Charlene Li, then at Forrester Research, now running the Altimeter Group, along with Forrester ’s Josh Bernoff, Remy Fiorentino, and Sarah Glass released a report that introduced us to Social Technographics. Forrester’s research segmented participation behavior on the social web into six categories, visualized through a ladder metaphor with the rungs at the high end of the ladder indicating a greater level of participation. Social Technographics were designed to help businesses engage in social media with a more human approach, catering to individuals where, when, and how they are participating and contributing to the social Web. According to Forrester research…

Toyota Moves to Discredit Its Critics

Dionne Searvey and Kate Linebaugh
Mar 7, 2010

With embarrassing vehicle recalls and testy congressional hearings behind it, Toyota Motor Corp. is planning an assault next week on its critics as the company digs in for a mammoth legal battle. In a media event planned for Monday and a Tuesday address to 1,000 suppliers, the Japanese auto maker plans to defend its electronics systems. It will roll out independent experts like the head of Stanford University's auto-research center to discredit a study that suggests electronics are to blame for sudden acceleration in some Toyota vehicles.

Super Bowl 2010: Live-Blogging the Ads and the Music

Feb 8, 2010

Super Bowl 2010 is more than a football game–it’s a face-off between companies striving to have the most-talked about commercials. And the super spectacle will also be rocked by music from the Who, Carrie Underwood and Queen Latifah. Speakeasy will be live-blogging the cultural and commercial aspects of the Super Bowl. Feel free to give your take on the ads and the music in the comments section. You can check out the action on the field here.

Ignore Your Critics

Mar 29, 2009

You should listen to the people who tell the most people about you. Listen to the people who thrive on sharing your good works with others. If you delight these people, you grow.


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