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4 Reasons To Implement Niche Marketing

Sep 30, 2010

If you have ever tried to market your product or idea to every single person on the Internet, you know that this tactic simply does not work. Mass marketing might work for products that every household or person may need at one point in their lives, but it will not work if you are marketing a very specific product, idea or service that only a select group of people will use. To reach a defined, targeted audience that will be the most likely to buy your products, read your information or utilize your services, niche marketing needs to be implemented.

Optimizing On Cookie Crumbs

Jun 30, 2010

In all my years in online analytics, I have been waiting to see an online media placement that is so strong, the consumer converts directly from one exposure (either click or view), without a path of influence. I think most people reading this would agree that it's nearly impossible (because if we all knew the secret formula, wouldn't we all be using it?!). But why then is the last click/view attribution the standard model?

Online Marketing Budgets: Invest For Success

Jun 11, 2010

As marketers begin to better understand and reap the benefits of online marketing, a large pervasive gap remains between the results we are able to achieve through online marketing and the budget we allocate to these efforts. This gap presents a clear and significant opportunity for those who are willing to break from traditional budgeting -- "measured increases" -- and invest in online. Despite the fact that marketers continue to gain rewards of online success, incremental increases breed incremental success and significant opportunity is left on the table.

Conversion Optimization: Do This First

Apr 2, 2010

Have you made the move beyond SEO to conversion optimization? Haven’t heard of it? According to Wikipedia, “Conversion optimization is the science and art of creating an experience for a website visitor with the goal of converting the visitor into a customer.” While this seems to me to be a fairly accurate description of the process, it’s also important to note what conversion optimization isn’t.

Wake-up: A Screen is a Screen is a Screen!

Oct 29, 2009

According to recent research from the Nielsen Three Screen Report ("More Looks, More Screens"), consumers are viewing vast amounts of video across multiple screens: televisions, computers, and mobile phones. Surprised? The research is simply catching up to what consumers already know: It's all a screen (movie screen, television screen, computer screen, mobile phone screen). Consumers will take their content on any screen that is readily available. Just ask any parent ... why do you think they coined the term "screen time" in the first place?

How To Measure The Value Of A Fan Or Follower In Social Media

Sep 24, 2009

It’s hard to justify the time spent on social media account management. But there are ways to measure the real value (monetary or otherwise) of fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. These top two social media websites offer free advertising, an open customer service and communication platform and a demographics database all wrapped up in one, so knowing the value of fans and followers can be a big help when deciding how much time should be allotted to social media efforts. Here are some of the ways to measure how much Facebook and Twitter users are really worth.

5 Areas of Integration to Go From Customer Conversation to Conversion

Jul 20, 2009

I've been thinking about the integration challenge with social media. Advertising, marketing, and public relations need to work together - and in this environment, they need to put the customer is the driver's seat. I'm sure you'll find reason to build on the analogy or help me rebuild it.

Fix My Face. Really.

Mar 27, 2009

Clarins Group, a French cosmetics brand, is rolling out spas in upscale department stores across the U.S., in an effort to provide facials as a catalyst for selling its products. It makes sense from the perspective of the brand, of course: upscale cosmetics belong in spas, and are further credentialed by experts wearing white coats, wielding makeup brushes and handfuls of goop. The brand strategy is also intended to target Hispanic women, so I'm sure sometimes the spa experience will be conducted in Spanish. Voila. Brand experience equals product sales. Not so much.

The High Road and The Low Road

Seth Godin
Mar 27, 2009

Why spend $10,000 to do a photo shoot for a magazine? After all, all your profit is in the ads. Sometimes it seems like people who build websites and magazines that take the high road aren't paying any attention at all to conversion and revenue and manipulation.


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