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Brands Need to Understand and Embrace the Owned Media of Apps

Ken Willner
Feb 11, 2014

The average consumer spends 127 minutes in mobile applications each day, responding to emails, browsing Facebook and searching for places nearby, according to Street Fight Insights. These are people who represent a tremendous number of daily touch points between brands and consumers. Brands and their agencies need to understand the potential of this trend and leverage the owned-media mobile assets they already have—literally at their fingertips.

Learn How Ads Get Zapped to Cellphones With This Infographic

Christopher Heine
Aug 16, 2013

Geofencing explained with easy-to-understand images

Why The Samsung Jay-Z Bundle Matters More Than You Think

Tyler Hayes
Jun 27, 2013

For the artist, album sales are album sales. But what Samsung got out of this deal was much more valuable than the paltry $5 million they paid.

Samsung Seeks Some iPhone Magic

Oct 14, 2009

Samsung Electronics Co.'s profits are on the rise again as its chip and display businesses recover from operating losses earlier this year. The turnaround recently helped push its market capitalization past Intel Corp.'s for the first time. But amid that success Samsung also is trying to address another concern: matching Apple Inc.'s ability to sell content and software that run on cellphones and other devices. Apple's iPhone has led the way in demonstrating that consumers are becoming more interested in devices that can tap the Internet or run clever applications. The same phenomenon is spreading to TVs and DVD players, which increasingly will be connectable to the Internet in coming years.

Media, Marketers, Madison Ave Just Mad for Apple IPhone

Aug 24, 2009

If you've wondered why the marketing world is obsessed with creating apps for the iPhone, take a stroll down the hallways of Kraft Foods, Gannett and German publisher Axel Springer. There you'll see a sea of iPhones as the brand makes incursions on RIM's BlackBerry, once acknowledged as the smartphone of choice for corporate America. In a recent conference call, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said about 20% of Fortune 100 companies have purchased a total of 10,000 or more iPhones since the handset's release in 2007, and scores of government agencies and businesses have each purchased more than 25,000 iPhones for their organizations.

Layar: The Web Browser for Reality - Coming Soon to iPhone

Aug 21, 2009

You've heard a lot about Augmented Reality recently, but what is it--and why exactly should you care about the technology? We spoke with Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, one of the founders of Layar, an Amsterdam company that is leading the charge with their smartphone app, to gain insight.

Nokia Rocks the World: The Phone King's Plan to Redefine Its Business

Aug 20, 2009

Nokia already owns the global cell-phone market. Now Tero Ojanperä is launching the world's biggest delivery system for services, apps, and entertainment.

It’s Broadway Gone Viral, With a Musical Meted Out via Twitter

Aug 17, 2009

At a recent performance of “Next to Normal,” the Broadway musical at the Booth Theater on West 45th Street, Alice Ripley, who won a Tony for her portrayal of Diana, a suburban mother with bipolar disorder, was reaching to answer a cordless telephone when she knocked it off the stage. Fourth wall broken, Ms. Ripley asked, with a smile, “Could you hand that to me?” Audience members were suddenly on all fours, but when they could not find the prop, a woman in the front row held up her cellphone, which Ms. Ripley accepted and spoke her lines into before tossing it back, to laughter and applause.

Getting Personal With Mobile Marketing Can Boost Sales, Loyalty

Aug 10, 2009

For small children, there are few life changes bigger than learning how to use the toilet. It's a time when both tots and their parents can be in need of a little positive reinforcement and a morale boost. Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand is trying to help, and engender loyalty at the same time, with an ambitious 3-week-old program that uses the mobile phone -- and points to where mobile marketing may be headed.

Cellphones: The New Billboards

Jul 16, 2009

Ad-weary Internet users may have trained their eyes to ignore banner ads, but on an otherwise uncluttered mobile phone screen the ads are harder to ignore. That's the thinking behind SAP's new mobile marketing campaign, which it launched in mid-June along with related online and print ads.

Commercials On The Go

Jul 15, 2009

Michael Jackson's memorial service drew a surprising number of eyes to TV sets July 7. Even more surprising was the number of people who watched the farewell on their phones--nearly 1 million.

The Seven Myths Of Mobile Advertising

Jul 10, 2009

With a clearer distinction between what's realistic today and what's been mystified by industry hype, brands, agencies and publishers alike can start leveraging the mobile medium now as an easy-to-use, creative, targeted, and measurable new revenue opportunity.

Google's AdSense for iPhone Trips up Advertisers

Jul 9, 2009

In the two weeks since Google announced it would open up AdSense for mobile, serving up text and display ads inside apps, there are signs the online-ad giant -- and marketers -- are still figuring out how to create good experiences for mobile users.

Lights, Camera, Action for Concession Coupons

Jul 7, 2009

Film producers spend millions every year to draw audiences to their movies. Now, advertisers are beginning to benefit from that, using not only movie screens for their commercials, but the lobbies of cinemas as well.

How Cellphones, Twitter, Facebook Can Make History

Clay Shirky
Jun 16, 2009

While news from Iran streams to the world, Clay Shirky shows how Facebook, Twitter and TXTs help citizens in repressive regimes to report on real news, bypassing censors (however briefly). The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics.

Something New Gains With Something Borrowed

Jun 7, 2009

As companies give mobile-phone advertising a try, many are starting to focus on the search ads that have worked so well on personal computers.

Print Samsung Shows One Future For Touchscreen Cellphones: Alphabet Gestures

Mar 11, 2009

Samsung has knocked out cellphones like there's no tomorrow recently--and its latest pair of touchscreen smart phones come with a novel feature--programmable gestures.

Mobile Data Services On Verge Of Explosion

Feb 18, 2009

Like the cell phones that preceded it, mobile data services -- in particular mobile Internet -- are becoming less luxury and more necessity among U.S. consumers. And the expanded use of those services (also including mobile email, multimedia messaging and photo uploading) could explode in the next two years.


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