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3 Awesome And Inspiring Inventions From The White House Science Fair

Gregory Ferenstein
Apr 23, 2013

Some of the nation’s young brainiacs were honored today at the annual White House Science Fair.

U.S. Holds Fire in Google-China Feud

Jay Solomon, Ian Johnson and Jason Dean
Jan 14, 2010

U.S. government officials and business leaders were supportive but wary of taking sides in Google Inc.'s battle with China, a sign of the delicate tensions between the growing superpower and the West. The White House said it would wait to comment until China responded to Google's threat to bolt from China, over censorship and alleged cyber spying. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke called Google's charge that it and dozens of companies were hacked "troubling" and encouraged China "to work with Google and other U.S. companies to ensure a climate for secure commercial operations in the Chinese market."

Fallacious Celebrations of Facebook Fans

Dr. Mark Drapeau
Sep 16, 2009

Publishing “top 10″ lists is unfortunately a staple of modern journalism. But alas, writers must drive readers’ eyeballs, even when discussing serious topics like the government. And so we find a new list that mixes Web 2.0 with the government: “Top 10 agencies with the most Facebook fans.” For the record, this list is topped by the White House with 327,592 fans, followed by the Marine Corps, Army, CDC, State Department, NASA, NASA JPL, Library of Congress, Air Force, and Environmental Protection Agency. Congratulations to all these hard-working agencies. But what exactly are we celebrating here?

The Message Is the Message

Aug 20, 2009

Barack Obama’s ubiquitous appearances as professor-in-chief, preacher-in-chief, father-in-chief, may turn out to be the most salient feature of his presidency.

The Gradual Googlifying of the Gov

Jun 4, 2009

With new titles like “deputy chief technology officer” for former Google head of global public policy Andrew McLaughlin, "director of citizen participation” for ex-Google project manager Katie Stanton, and head of the new White House Office of Social Innovation for economist Sonal Shah, once head of Google's philanthropic arm Google.org, it seems pretty clear that the Obama administration is racking up insiders from the grand monopolist of internet advertising just because it can.

White House Drops Youtube Clips Due to Privacy Issues

Mar 4, 2009

The Obama-YouTube love affair is at its end…at least in its official role on whitehouse.gov.  The Obama administration recently bailed on its embeddable YouTube videos and chose clips powered by Akamai, a web service hosted on local servers rather than those of Google.  The administration cited concerns over privacy voiced by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Center for Digital Democracy.

White House Portal For A Multimedia Revolution

Feb 19, 2009

Four weeks after coming to power on the back of what was widely dubbed the first internet election campaign, Barack Obama is establishing himself as the first truly multimedia president. The president's use of the full span of media - from network news to webcasts - has echoes of Franklin D. Roosevelt's "fireside chats" in the radio age and the mastery of television shown by John F. Kennedy. The White House this week launched a site called Recovery.gov to track where stimulus money will be spent, calling it an "unprecedented step to increase transparency in government"


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