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Sub-Brands Do Battle in Land of Social Media

David Gelles
Sep 23, 2009

Every day, legions of new web sites appear, each competing for eyeballs and dollars. This presents an acute problem for companies. As consumers are presented with a vast array of online campaigns vying for their attention, businesses are grappling with the best way to target and engage them. Many are increasingly adopting an aggressive web-based strategy around sub-branding. So that rather than plaster the internet with, say, glossy blue-and-white logos, Ford, the motor company, is creating online communities for each of its vehicle lines.

Goodbye, Destination Web, Hello, Online Enlightenment

Steve Rubel
May 11, 2009

For the past 15 years, marketers have lived like kings online. We built ornate palaces in homage to ourselves in the form of websites and microsites. Each acts as a destination that embodies our meticulous choice of aesthetics, content and activities. We still put a lot of time, effort and money into erecting these palaces, much as Louis XIV did in planning Versailles. And, for the most part, we have been rewarded handsomely for our efforts. For years consumers flocked to our sites, reveled in all we had to say, played with our toys and sometimes were motivated enough as a result to buy our stuff. That's what life was like in the good old days. But now we're in the age of online enlightenment.

Websites Improve but Could Be Better

Apr 22, 2009

Amid the gloom, the internet still casts light: online retailers report bumper sales; and Twitter has become a staple for anyone looking for a jolly story. It makes sense: the internet has the huge advantage of being almost free for its consumers, and highly cost effective for its suppliers.

Journey to Success

Apr 13, 2009

Here's a question I've been thinking a lot about: What kind of future do Web sites have?


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