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Web TV. For Real this Time?

Monday, January 12, 2009

In the long run, LG’s partnership with Netflix to bundle the online movie rental system into its new flat-screen TVs might prove to be the biggest news from CES last week.  The announcement didn’t get the press other gadgets received from the show.  After all, the idea for the technology has been around since you still had rabbit ears on top of your idiot box.  But the South Korean underdog turned household name - together with the leader of online rentals - may be the first to make the inevitable marriage of TV and the Web work.

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The Future of TV

Brian Steinberg
Nov 30, 2009

In its heyday, "This is Your Life" was seen by a broad swath of viewers tuned into their Philcos all at once, never dreaming that someday it could be rebroadcast, paused live, accessed on another gadget, or that its entire run could be contained on a thin metal disc. Almost 50 years later, we're almost similarly in the dark. Those Samsung flatscreens in our living room might still be the go-to device, but they are fast being joined by computer monitors, laptops, gaming consoles, iPods and mobile phones distributing content once solely accessed by TV, or in some cases, content that competes with TV. It's conceivable—and probably inevitable—that TV/web convergence will lead to us ordering up movies, pizza and even advertising while watching custom-tailored content and interacting with social-network buddies at the same time. The question is how these services will work together and who will manage and monetize them in a world where the TV networks operate with a mass-media mentality and are anxious to keep $60.5 billion in ad revenue from going the way of Philco.

The Death of The URL

Chris Messina
Nov 17, 2009

In the Matrix, Morpheus presents Neo with a choice: he can take the blue pill and continue his somnambulatory existence within the Matrix, or he can take the red pill and become free from the virtual reality that the machines created to enslave humanity. As you can see from the clip above, Neo chooses the red pill, severing his connection to the Matrix and regaining his free will. Everyday, when you fire up your browser and type in some arbitrary URL in the browser’s address bar, you are taking the red pill.


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