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Vogue App Turns Ads into Shopping Links

Feb 25, 2010

Vogue readers with iPhones are getting another toy to play with this month. The magazine is launching an application that looks like a fun shopping and styling tool but is actually a savvy way to connect the magazine and its advertisers directly with readers' wallets.

The Compartmentalization Of Language

Oct 1, 2009

I was being interviewed as an expert by an ad agency the other day to help them with their client project and started to talk about how you would choose to text message certain pieces of information rather than make a call to say them. I’m not too sure if I gave agency the sound-bite they were looking for but it got me thinking a little about how we reserve the use of different platforms for different types of communication and it’s understanding this that might help us work out how to manage our information overload and even tackle texting while driving. In my interview I said that you’d never phone someone to say where you were going to be. You would text it because it’s a piece of information that wants to be consumed quickly and possibly referred to later. It will also definitely reach the respondent. A telephone call takes much more time to make, records nothing and there’s a good chance the person at the other end might not pick up.

Learning Twitter? Don't Take Your Cues From These Agencies

Jul 6, 2009

As Twitter moves into the business mainstream -- nearing some 35 million unique global visitors, according to ComScore -- it's increasingly clear that one community has yet to fully embrace the social-networking tool du jour: agencies.

A Few Characters About Twitter

Apr 25, 2009

There's been a lot of talk about Twitter recently, which is a shame because my biggest hope for Twitter had been that it would spark a brevity movement. I'm not here to defend Twitter or run it down. (Or there is a third option: knocking it while using Twitter to boost my career.) I do have some 140-character observations, though.


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