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Hayward Defends Tenure, BP's Spill Response

Monica Langley
Jul 30, 2010

Tony Hayward, the departing chief executive of BP PLC, is unrepentant about how the energy giant responded to the U.S.'s largest offshore oil spill. In his first interview after agreeing to step down from the top spot this week, Mr. Hayward said he did everything possible once the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, by taking responsibility for the spill, and spending billions of dollars to stop the spewing oil and clean up the shoreline.

Tony Hayward is a Scapegoat

Tony Schwartz
Jul 28, 2010

In psychology, the term "identified patient" refers to a family member — often a child or a teenager — who gets scapegoated for behavior that is actually just a predictable response to dealing with an unhealthy family. Tony Hayward is BP's identified patient.

BP Is Expected to Replace Chief With American

Jad Mouawad and Clifford Krauss
Jul 26, 2010

BP’s board is expected on Monday to name an American, Robert Dudley, as its chief executive, replacing Tony Hayward, whose repeated stumbles during the company’s three-month oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico alienated federal and state officials as well as residents of the Gulf Coast. The planned appointment of an American to run the London-based company, which was confirmed by a person close to BP’s board, would underscore how vital the United States has become to BP.

Shell Oil Breaks Industry Silence With Aggressive Ad Campaign

Jun 24, 2010

As BP repeatedly botches its communications efforts around the environmental disaster that is the worst oil spill in U.S. history, nearly every other oil company has gone silent save one: Shell Oil. Shell seems to be going after a space once owned by BP by presenting itself as something more than an oil company -- beyond petroleum, if you will. An aggressive new ad campaign, which includes print, TV, online, outdoor executions and two websites, energygalaxy.com and shell.us/letsgo, kicked off May 28. The effort touts the dawn of a future that will be powered by new and multiple energy sources and cleaner fossil fuels that Shell is "unlocking." It also expresses the notion the world will soon be on the road to sustainable mobility and that Shell is "ready to help tackle the challenges of the new energy future." The London office of WPP's JWT assisted Shell on the effort.

At Meeting, Obama Setting Terms For BP Claims Fund

Jun 16, 2010

Summoned by President Obama, the top executives of BP, the company responsible for the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, went to the White House Wednesday morning to discuss the president’s demand that the company set aside billions of dollars in an independently administered escrow account to pay claims stemming from the disaster.

Is BP Being Too Low-Key?

Jun 10, 2010

As BP's shares continue sliding in trading on London's FTSE, its social media outreach and search engine marketing is being criticized as off the mark. Part of the problem, argues the Financial Times, is the British oil giant's "cultural failings" and "shortage of native knowledge of America and how it responds to crisis has been painfully exposed."

BP Rolling Out New Ads Aimed at Repairing Image

Suzanne Vranica
Jun 7, 2010

Undeterred by criticism of a new TV commercial featuring its leader, BP PLC is pressing ahead with a major ad campaign—in an effort to rescue its badly damaged image—as torrents of oil continue to spew into the Gulf of Mexico. "We are preparing a series of ads to air over the next days and weeks," said Andrew Gowers, a spokesman for the British oil company. President Barack Obama blasted the company on Friday for reportedly spending $50 million on television advertising as the company scrambles to fix its leaking well.

BP Goes on the Offensive

Jun 4, 2010

BP's new commercial featuring CEO Tony Hayward hit YouTube and US TV yesterday. The damage control isn't just aimed at BP's brand, but the "gaffe-prone" Hayward and images such as AP's latest. After addressing BP on CNN last night, a "furious" President Obama is heading to the disaster site again today. And crowdsourcing solutions to the spill is officially a cottage industry.

BP Decision On New Method For Plugging Leak To Follow Tests

May 26, 2010

BP was poised Wednesday morning to decide whether to move ahead with its most ambitious — and potentially most consequential — effort to plug the mile-deep gusher of oil that has been streaming into the Gulf of Mexico for more than a month.

BP Wasn't Prepared For Leak, CEO Says

Guy Chazan and Jim Carlton
May 14, 2010

BP's chief said the company could have done more to prepare for a deepwater oil leak, as the British oil giant met with affected residents Thursday and embarked on fresh efforts to stem the vast slick now threatening the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. BP PLC Chief Executive Tony Hayward has come under mounting pressure over the spill, caused after a drilling rig BP was leasing, the Deepwater Horizon, caught fire and sank last month. The accident killed 11 workers and raised fears of widespread ecological damage.

BP's Worsening Spill Crisis Undermines CEO's Reforms

Guy Chazan
May 3, 2010

Tony Hayward thought he had finally slain all of BP PLC's demons. Now a new one has reared up, and it's the size of Puerto Rico. BP's chief executive is coming under mounting pressure over the vast spill spreading in the Gulf of Mexico, which was caused when a giant drilling rig there caught fire and sank, with the loss of 11 crew members. The oil, still spewing from the well on the ocean floor, threatens to blacken the Louisana shoreline, and BP's reputation.


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