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Miracle Whip Finds Its Brand Voice

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back in June, Miracle Whip broadcasted its condiment manifesto to Gen Y. Punctuated with the official quivery chalkboard script of all advertising-spawned youth movements and set to a swaying, poly-ethnic crowd kickin’ it kiddie-pool style, a bored (yet defiant!) voice-over proclaims: “We are our own unique, one-of-a-kind flavor. We are Miracle Whip. And we will not tone it down.” Hmmm. A hipster decree from a 76-year-old sandwich spread most famous for its supporting role in my great aunt’s deviled eggs? The campaign was hard to swallow.

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Kraft Taps Pauly D and James Carville to Whip Up Miracle Whip Buzz

Feb 23, 2011

Miracle Whip is launching "a brutally honest and expensive TV commercial on that popular show on FOX that begins at 8pm EST. It's about how much people love us. Or can't stand us."

Music Industry Goes Gaga For Product Placements

Jul 6, 2010

Lady Gaga has given a boost to Virgin Mobile and Miracle Whip via her video hit, Telephone, which has already been viewed 63 million times on YouTube. There’s nothing new to product placements like these – but what is new in this growing trend is the prominent positioning of brands in a clear bid for additional revenue.

Kraft Foods CEO: That Was Then, This Is Now

Nielsen News
Jun 15, 2010

Kicking off Nielsen’s Consumer 360 conference in Las Vegas, Irene Rosenfeld, Chairman and CEO of Kraft Foods addressed the ways reaching consumers have changed significantly over the last twenty years and how the Internet and social media are increasingly important components of overall marketing strategies. Previously, brands acted as teachers, according to Rosenfeld. Marketing was designed to build an image around a brand with the expectation that consumers would be attracted to it; they would aspire to the brand. Today, that “paradigm is upside down,” as brands want to learn from consumers and find ways to connect with them.

Miracle Whip Whips Up Social App

May 14, 2009

Kraft Foods' Miracle Whip brand is dipping its toes into social utilities with a browser application that lets users share comments on Web-based content via their social networks. Zingr is a Firefox plug-in that taps into users' social networks and allows them to leave comments on various Web pages across the Internet. After downloading the plug-in and verifying their Facebook information, users can append comments up to 160 characters on Web pages. The comments appear as small, expandable Zingr dialog boxes that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page.


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