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On The Other Side Of The Kickstarter Economy, Projects Are The Customers

Sarah Kessler
Aug 30, 2013

Funding projects collected $2.7 billion last year. Now, new businesses are vying to help them--and make profits of their own.

Why Your Company Should Use the Kickstarter Model to Innovate

Michael Schrage
May 21, 2013

Wouldn't it be a kick-in-the-head if the most innovative and creative efforts Kickstarter inspired were its effective emulation by the world's most innovative organizations?

Why People Get Annoyed at Celebrities on Kickstarter (And Why They Probably Shouldn’t)

Angela Watercutter
Apr 30, 2013

When Kickstarter launched in April 2009 it created a way for the little guys to fund their dream projects. Lately, though, that seems to be changing.

The Q&A: Perry Chen, Kickstarter

Oct 25, 2010

Artists in need of paint money once had to rely on the largesse of benefactors. But social networking and new models for supporting creativity have turned the web into a modern horn of plenty.

Social Media for Social Good

Betsy Lowther
Oct 18, 2010

Call ‘em the Click-Change Artists. A new social media movement centers around the notion that doing good no longer requires rolling up your sleeves at the soup kitchen or seeking out neighborhood artists to support (though we’d certainly never disparage such types of old-fashioned philanthropy). The web now offers a new way for too-busy types to donate their time — and bucks — to feel-good enterprises. And, judging by the response, social media enthusiasts are more than happy to oblige.

Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook

May 12, 2010

How angry is the world at Facebook for devouring every morsel of personal information we are willing to feed it? A few months back, four geeky college students, living on pizza in a computer lab downtown on Mercer Street, decided to build a social network that wouldn’t force people to surrender their privacy to a big business. It would take three or four months to write the code, and they would need a few thousand dollars each to live on. They gave themselves 39 days to raise $10,000, using an online site, Kickstarter, that helps creative people find support.


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