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Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think

Steven Levy
Nov 14, 2011

The CEO of Amazon.com, in regulation blue oxford shirt and jeans, is sitting in a conference room at his company’s spiffy new headquarters just north of downtown Seattle. It is mid-September, exactly one week before he will introduce a new line of Kindles to the world. He has already shown me two of them—one with a touchscreen, the other costing just $79—but that’s not what’s truly exciting him. It is a third gadget, the long-awaited Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire, that represents his company’s most ambitious leap into the hearts, minds, and wallets of millions of consumers.

Birth of a Salesman

Richard L Brandt
Oct 17, 2011

Jeffrey Preston Bezos was 4 years old when he first arrived at his grandfather's cattle ranch in Cotulla, Texas. The Lazy G is a sprawling 25,000-acre spread in the southwest part of the state—an unspoiled habitat of mesquite and oak trees, the home of whitetail deer (popular among local hunters), wild turkeys, doves, quail, feral hogs and sheep.

Amazon Rolls Out New Version of E-Reader

Jul 29, 2010

Amazon is aiming to take digital reading into the mainstream as it rolls out a new generation of its Kindle e-reader ahead of the crucial holiday shopping season. A sleeker and cheaper Kindle comes as Amazon works to maintain its tenuous lead in the fast-growing market for e-books and e-readers. The debut of the refreshed Kindle coincides with the launch of Amazon’s local UK store at the end of August. The UK store will offer 400,000 titles, or what the company claims is the widest selection of books in the UK market. The new base model Kindle is smaller, lighter and faster than its predecessor, with more storage and battery life.

Why I Sold Zappos

Jun 7, 2010

Tony Hsieh built his online shoe retailer into an e-commerce powerhouse. But with credit tightening and investors eyeing the exits, Hsieh was forced to ask: Was selling Zappos really the only way to save it?

Bezos Boasts of Kindle's Edge With Serious Readers

May 26, 2010

f the new Apple iPad is for multitaskers, then Amazon.com's Kindle is for die-hard readers, and that's OK with Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. Speaking at Amazon's annual shareholder meeting Tuesday in downtown Seattle, Bezos acknowledged nine out of 10 households don't necessarily do a lot of serious reading. Still, he said the Kindle can compete with the iPad by focusing on die-hard readers, just as heavy-duty cameras remain relevant despite the spread of camera phones.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos on Kindle, Advertising and Being Green

May 29, 2009

An environmental theme ran through Amazon.com Inc.'s annual shareholders meeting on Thursday – though it wasn't intentional, according to the CEO.

The Kindle: Good Before, Better Now

Feb 24, 2009

In the high-tech industry, you live for the day when your product name becomes a verb. “I Googled him.” “She’s been Photo- shopped.” Amazon, however, is hoping that its product name, a verb, becomes a noun. “Have you bought the new Kindle?”

New Kindle: Sleeker, But Not Cheaper

Feb 9, 2009

Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos stepped onstage at around 10:20 this morning at New York’s Morgan Library and Museum to introduce the world to the new Kindle e-reader. It’s super-model-thin—even 25% thinner than a 3G iPhone at only .36 inches—and features comfier round buttons, rounded, smoother edges, and a “five-way controller” that works something like a joystick (or, er, sort of like a click wheel; check out the lower right corner in the pic below) as a navigation device.

Will Buyers Be Fonder After Kindle's Absence?

Jan 28, 2009

The new Kindles are coming! Sure, Amazon.com hasn't officially announced the rollout of the next generation of its e-book reader, but everyone else seems to be doing exactly that.


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