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Power: Ace Hardware Top Home Improvement Retailer

Tanya Irwin
Apr 26, 2012

Having a helpful and knowledgeable sales staff and making the shopping process easy are key drivers of customer satisfaction, according to the study, which measures customer satisfaction with home improvement retail stores based on performance in five factors.

Value, Quality Are Driving Brand Loyalty

Dec 11, 2009

Buyers of new cars and trucks are much more conscious these days of the value and quality of the vehicles they buy, since their dollars are not going as far as they used to. Value and quality are driving brand loyalty as they never have, according to J.D. Power, whose latest Customer Retention study puts Mercedes-Benz on the top of the list when it comes to owners who stay with the brand.

Automakers Panic As Gen Y Abandons The Automotive Dream

Oct 16, 2009

Detroit's year of bad news just got worse: the car industry isn't only losing sales from current buyers depressed by the economy -- it's losing the future. A new J.D. Power report says teens and twenty-somethings lack what was once thought to be the genetic desire to own a car. The study, which analyzed hundreds of thousands of conversations on blogs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, showed young people have a poor image of the auto industry. The bad economy and high gas prices could be to blame. But J.D. Power blames social media itself: "with the advent of social media and other forms of electronic communities, teens perceive less of a need to physically congregate, and less of a need for a mode of transportation.”


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