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Technology: Rise of the replicants

Richard Waters
Mar 4, 2014

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence now threaten the jobs of educated white-collar workers

Connecting everything: A conversation with Cisco’s Padmasree Warrior

Rik Kirkland
May 17, 2013

Cisco’s chief technology and strategy officer describes how the exponential growth of connectivity between people and devices, both mobile and network, will change commerce, business systems, and individual behavior.

Digital Strategy Does Not Equal IT Strategy

Mark P. McDonald
Nov 19, 2012

Everyone thinks they have a digital strategy these days. But while your company may have a business or IT strategy that incorporates digital technology, an IT strategy does not equal a digital strategy. Why?

Coming to Terms with the Consumerization of IT

R "Ray" Wang
Jul 14, 2011

The corporate e-mail server is down, but work doesn't grind to a halt. Everybody just switches to Gmail, Skype, or BB Chat to get around the inconvenience. For the most part, they're using these consumer technologies at work already — often because they're better than anything the IT department can provide.

The Case for a Chief Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker
Sep 29, 2010

We have entered a Golden Age of marketing technology. There are now thousands of software applications built for nearly every aspect of marketing. We have more choices, with more capabilities, at more attractive economics, than ever before. Yet most marketing organizations today lack the technical leadership to fully harness this power.

Media Isn't Social

David Armano
Aug 4, 2010

You see, businesses, brands and organizations are truly struggling with the disruptive nature of social technologies. In fact, the term "social technologies" is part of the problem—we are all fixated on the technologies and meanwhile the real action lies in harnessing the change brought about by human behavior enabled by technology. I used the simple story of how a colleague shared a book with me. The book itself (media) is not social—the interactions, communications, stories and conversations that involve the book are.

“It” Extraction (Killing a Brand Softly)

Grant McCracken
Jul 23, 2010

The trouble: the T400 doesn’t have “it” quality. It is a business machine in the most pedestrian sense of the term. No trace of elegance. No claim to being the pick of the technological litter. No “wow” factor. The T410 is just another business machine. This takes us into one of the thorniest issue in the branding world. What is “it?” And what’s “it” worth?

Increasing Profitability Starts With Better Data

Andy Cutler
Jun 10, 2010

In this tough economic climate, companies are doing everything they can to optimize profitability. Or are they? We have spoken with dozens of companies recently about the state of their customer data and how they are using those data to support one-to-one marketing-and nearly all of them are leaving money on the table by not optimizing in this area. Here's why better data are worth the effort, and how to take this route to increased profitability.

Domino's IT Staff Delivers Slick Site, Ordering System

Nov 26, 2009

Steve Helmer doesn't order for pizza by phone anymore because, he says, "they're usually busy and not paying attention and they leave something out." Instead, Mr. Helmer uses a build-your-own-pizza feature that Domino's Pizza Inc. last year rolled out on its Web site. Customers can watch a simulated photographic version of their pizza as they select a size, choose a sauce and add pepperoni, black olives and other toppings. The image changes as ingredients are added or removed. The site also allows customers to track orders—with updates on when a pie enters the oven or leaves a store.

The Great Divide

Aug 25, 2009

North of the Arctic Circle, a top priority for fishermen is to catch and dry enough char to last the winter. Fishermen near the equator race to market before insects and bacteria spoil their catch. Climate is the driving factor shaping these vastly different fishing practices. In many corporations, the same is true for marketing and IT departments.

Dell Pulls Off Green IT Without Sacrifice

Mar 25, 2009

The phrase "going green" conjures up images of short showers, small houses, tiny cars--basically, minimal consumption. But according to Albert Esser, Vice President of Power and Data Center Infrastructure Solutions at Dell, green IT is a different story.

For One Production Company, It’s All About the Power of Storytelling

Nov 17, 2008

“Tell to sell,” once a mantra on Madison Avenue, is making a comeback as marketers seek to engage consumers with compelling stories rather than peddle products in hit-and-run fashion with interruptive advertising like 30-second commercials.


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