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Dove’s Men + Care Spot is No Beauty

Rachel Newman and Kristin Ament
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We recently voiced optimism that the Super Bowl launch of Dove's Men+Care line would challenge the alpha male ad genre, just as its revolutionary Real Beauty spot from Super Bowl XL confronted unhealthy female beauty standards. On Sunday, our optimism swirled its sad little way down the drain.

Super Bowl Ads: Tell Me Who Are You?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Legendary television producer Norman Lear often said it was best to start the story "in the middle." That's where the truth of the narrative is, and the theory held for Super Bowl XLIV. Smack in the middle of a confused and confusing collection of ads was The Who, an embarrassing half-time show of old white men singing of "pinball wizards" in the age of connected gaming, and claiming some distant insight into the "teenage wasteland" of a generation to which they do not belong. Yet, they were entirely relevant context for the general fiasco of this year's ads, asking: "Tell me who are you?" With some notable exceptions, advertisers seemed to have no idea who they were this year, nor who their customers might be.

New Axe Ad Campaign Reaches, Cleans a New Low

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First, Hardee's showed you its B-Hole. Then, Bud Light Lime gave it to you In the Can. Now Axe, with all the class and finesse we've come to expect from the brand, wants to Clean Your Balls. On the surface, this seems like nothing more than your typical nether regions marketing. But look under the hood, and Axe's down under approach has more in common with early marital aid advertising than beer and fast food.

Why Barbasol Should Give Gillette a Spanking and Send Him to Bed

J. Kevin Ament
Friday, May 23, 2008

One of my earliest childhood memories is shuffling into my parents’ tiny bathroom at daybreak, mirrors fogged over with shower steam, to watch my father shave. He frequently ended this morning ritual by depositing a thick dollop of lemon-lime Barbasol on my nose.

Hey, Alli, Does This Dignity Make My Butt Look Big?

J. Kristin Ament
Sunday, July 8, 2007

The new fat-blasting wonder drug, alli, is terrifying. I’m talking “Poltergeist” clown terrifying. The product poses some unique marketing challenges, to say the least.

“Whudafxup” with the Double Standard?

Monday, June 11, 2007

The truth is I have to give the “Truth” campaign credit for attempting to speak the language of the IM generation.  But “Whudafxup” with the double standard?

The Skinny on Social Responsibility

J. Kristin Ament
Sunday, May 13, 2007

This week, Unilever announced a company-wide initiative to ban size zero models from appearing in advertising for any of its products. The company says it “believes in a healthy balanced diet and that both men and women have the right to feel comfortable with their bodies and not suffer from lack of self-esteem brought on by images of excessive slimness."

At Issue } essential reading

What These 3 Top Brands Can Teach You About Customer Engagement

Sofie De Beule
Jan 22, 2014

The smartest companies changed their approach on marketing vastly. Their focus is now on personalized interactions, delighting their audience, and understanding customers' unique challenges to make their lives better. This has brought about 'New Rules of Customer Engagement'.

How A CEO Can Wreck A Brand In One Interview: Lessons From Abercrombie & Fitch Vs. Dove

Davia Temin
May 13, 2013

The power of a CEO to make – or break – a brand can never be overestimated – even in an interview that took place 7 years ago.

Dove Still Inspiring Women and Girls to see Their Real Beauty

Sheila Shayon
Oct 28, 2011

In 2006, Dove launched its True Colors campaign to spark a global conversation about the definition and perception of beauty among women of all ages. Its research found only 2% of women considered themselves beautiful; and body anxieties begin at an early age with 72% feeling great pressure to be beautiful, when girls feel badly about their looks, 60% disconnect from life, avoiding normal daily activities like attending school or even giving their opinion.

Seventh Generation’s New CEO on Why Sustainability Is Necessary

Feb 10, 2011

This morning John Replogle was named CEO and President of Seventh Generation. We interviewed Replogle before the announcement was made, but we decided to run it now, since it provides some useful background on his leadership style and the approach Burt’s Bees takes to sustainability.

More Fake ‘Mad Men’; More Real Ads

Aug 3, 2010

The fact that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, the new agency on “Mad Men,” has landed the Pond’s cold cream account is not the only ad news to come out of “Mad Men” this week. AMC, the cable channel that presents the series about the ad industry — and America — in the 1960s has made a deal with a giant marketer, Unilever, for a season-long sponsorship agreement. The agreement, for undisclosed terms, is centered on six commercials being created in the “Mad Men” vein for six Unilever products. Brands like BMW, Canada Dry and Clorox have previously tailored commercials for the show, but this is believed to be the first deal to involve multiple products from the same marketer.

Domino's Launches 'Real Beauty' Campaign For Pizza

Jul 6, 2010

Continuing its deconstruction of pizza marketing, Domino’s this week is launching a campaign and a contest around the idea that its pizzas don’t need photo retouching to look appetizing. In what could be considered an adaption of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign for the pizza category, Domino’s has announced that all its pizzas in TV, print and online ads will be free of any Photoshop trickery.

Known Faces Are Displacing the Amateurs in Online Videos

Jun 18, 2010

Just as the unknowns who showed up on screen in the early days of television gave way to radio and movie stars like Jack Benny and Bob Hope, more famous faces are supplanting everyday people in Web series, particularly when the video clips are sponsored by advertisers.

In Global Deal, Unilever Readies First Dove Work on IAd

Jack Neff
Jun 11, 2010

Unilever may be a global marketer, but it hasn't been able to do many truly global ad deals -- at least not until its multimillion-dollar deal with Apple to be the consumer goods "presenting advertiser" on the new iAd platform was announced June 7. For Unilever, the deal aims at tapping the two biggest, and largely interdependent, trends it sees shaping marketing: globalization and mobile digital media.

Hit or Miss 2010

Apr 21, 2010

A belated blog on Hits and Misses for 2010. Please vote by clicking here. Then we meet back in a year and see how we did.

Dove Super Bowl Spot Scores Initial Points With Men

Feb 10, 2010

When Unilever first announced it was launching its new Dove Men + Care line with a commercial during Super Bowl XLIV, industry watchers questioned whether making a costly, 30-second ad buy was the right strategy. It seems the move has paid off for Dove, at least, according to initial ad buzz results. Prior to CBS’ broadcast of the Super Bowl, three of the most popular terms associated with Dove were “soap,” “beauty” and “deodorant.” But in the 24 hours following the game, the Dove spot, via Ogilvy & Mather, started generating terms like “Super Bowl,” “ad” and “men," per Zeta Interactive, a New York City-based digital and interactive marketing agency.

10 Musts For Marketing To Women On Facebook

Jan 13, 2010

Brette Borow is the President and Founder of Girls Guide To, the “ladies only” guide to life, and spends most of her days engaging with the community’s over 140,000 members. There are over 56 million women using Facebook in the United States, and for marketers this means one very important thing –- if you have a brand, product or company that targets women, Facebook is the place to be.

The Dove Soap Bubble

Oct 15, 2009

According to the Google Keyword Tool,there were 7.5 million broad match searches on the term ‘soap’ in September. Granted that some of the searches are related to “soap operas” rather than cleansing soaps, there are still quite a few people searching for the term. CPG companies are fueling this growth in search with increased investment in online advertising. In fact, according to TNS, one of the leading soap brands Dove spent nearly $5MM on online display advertising during the first half of this year. This investment is significantly greater than that of rival brands Softsoap and Olay. Due in part to their investment in online advertising, Compete’s data shows that site traffic to Dove.com are multiples greater than its competitors.

Unilever to Buy Sara Lee Unit for $1.9 Billion

Sep 25, 2009

Unilever PLC said Friday that it plans to buy Sara Lee's personal care unit for $1.87 billion in cash in an effort to boost its presence in Western Europe and in Asia. Unilever is a major Anglo-Dutch consumer products maker that owns well-known brands like Dove soap and Axe deodorant. "Personal care is a strategic category and a key growth driver for Unilever," said Unilever Chief Executive Paul Polman, in a statement. "The Sara Lee brands enjoy strong consumer recognition, offer significant growth potential and are an excellent fit."

Unilever’s Attitude Towards Mothers & Daughters Compared And Contrasted

Jun 3, 2009

On one hand Unilever see mothers as mentors of their daughters - as we see here in this snap from a Dove soap website. On the other hand Unilever see mothers as sexual collaborators with their daughters and their boyfriends - as we see here in this ad from the guys at Axe.

CSR is The New 'Branded Content'

Diana Verde Nieto
May 20, 2009

Today's reality consists of multiple media channels, new technologies and consumers who have a short attention span. Traditional communications are no longer sufficient for creating loyal fans or bringing the brand to the forefront. This new reality demands a new approach to engaging consumers; this is where corporate social responsibility (CSR) as branded content comes in.

Making Commercials For The Web

Apr 27, 2009

TV advertisers are finally discovering that YouTube + viral imagination = free media. The good news for you is that money is not a barrier, which means that marketers of any size can play. But the rules are different, as they always are online.

Dove Breaks For Real-Life 'Gossip Girls'

Apr 23, 2009

In the latest example of a network looking to build viewer retention during breaks, the CW is launching Dove-sponsored vignettes during "Gossip Girl." The 90-second pieces hope to offer somewhat real-life versions of the series.

Unilever's CMO Throws Down the Social-Media Gauntlet

Jack Neff
Apr 13, 2009

Brands aren't simply brands anymore. They are the center of a maelstrom of social and political dialogue made possible by digital media, said Unilever Chief Marketing Officer Simon Clift, who warned that marketers who do not recognize that -- and adapt their marketing -- are in grave peril.

The Ad Biz Under Glass

Mar 12, 2009

I only caught the last 20 minutes of Trust Me, the show on TNT, but I was impressed by what I heard. Mason was giving a nuanced discussion of a campaign idea.  What a nice change, I thought, from the usual approach.  You know, the one that treats the ad biz as a domain of scoundrels and the home of dumb discourse. But what really caught my attention is that the brand at issue is Dove.  Not a pretend brand but the real thing.

Dove Chocolate, Gallo Wine Team For Promo

Feb 12, 2009

With chocolate and alcohol among the few "non-essentials" that consumers still seem to be finding room for in their budgets, the timing of a new co-branded promotion from Mars Snackfood U.S.'s Dove Chocolate and E. & J. Gallo Winery may be propitious--and not just because of Valentine's Day.

The Art of the Brand Story

Dec 22, 2008

The days of the simple brand website which served the brand with one-dimensional ‘about’, ‘products’ and ‘contact’ links, are well and truly over. What brands need is fresh content, preferably every day - an enormous pressure for every brand builder. It’s not enough to be a promoter of products. You have to be a gifted teller of intriguing tales as well.


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