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Be a TV Big Shot

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It looks like a fun game -- and a really interesting way for BRAVO to gain consumer-viewer data and low-cost programming advice. We say, "let's play."

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Bravo Extends Their PLAY LIVE TV Platform And Advertisers Sign Up

Jay Donovan
Mar 6, 2013

First of all, what is Play Live? It’s a “Participation TV” platform (that’s what Bravo calls it) where people vote or interact with questions during a television program using their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Top 5 Ways Big Brands are Using Foursquare

Aug 24, 2010

Unlike other more mainstream social networks, the business potential of Foursquare may not be immediately apparent. At present, the location-based network is less about conversations and resource sharing, and more about tying your social activities to physical places. For brick-and-mortar businesses, a Foursquare strategy makes a lot of sense. But what about brand promotion in general, say in the entertainment or publishing worlds? With Foursquare, it’s not about linking users back to your site or products, but creating a new location-based product that has value for fans and followers. Here’s how five big brands are attempting to connect location to their online social presences.

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Be an Early Adopter Brand

Apr 19, 2010

It has become standard practice for big brands and businesses to setup shop on Twitter and Facebook and use the social mediums to connect with customers. That’s all yesterday’s news now. But the early adopter brands who paved the way for the rest to follow suit have become the success stories that the media, the public and the web companies in the limelight turn to first.

Twitter Wants Ad Money

Apr 14, 2010

Twitter’s advertising model is no longer under wraps. The social-networking site’s ad plan, Promoted Tweets, launches today and will work a lot like Google’s AdWords. When users search Twitter for keywords and what people are talking about, Twitter will run ads that marketers have bought to run against the search. The San Francisco company also plans to display promoted posts in streams of relevant user posts

Twitter Unveils Plans to Draw Money From Ads

Claire Cain Miller
Apr 13, 2010

Twitter will unveil on Tuesday a much-anticipated plan for making money from advertising, finally answering the question of how the company expects to turn its exponential growth into revenue. The advertising program, which Twitter calls Promoted Tweets, will show up when Twitter users search for keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads. Later, Twitter plans to show promoted posts in the stream of Twitter posts, based on how relevant they might be to a particular user.

Brands Try to Become 'Mayor' of Foursquare but Will They Pay for It?

Feb 4, 2010

Don't look now, but big brands are checking in on Foursquare. Pepsi, frozen-dessert chain Tasti D-Lite and cable network Bravo are all attempting to harness the power of the mobile game/social network. The question is whether they'll pay for the privilege. Or whether Foursquare, which has 300,000 users now voluntarily "checking in" at locations, and broadcasting that to their followers, will transcend its current "it" status among the technorati and become a lasting consumer phenomenon -- and a marketing tool.

Comcast to Take Control of NBC Universal

Kenneth Li and Ben Hall
Dec 4, 2009

Comcast has sealed an agreement to take control of NBC Universal from General Electric in a deal valuing the media property at $30bn that will create one of America’s largest media companies. The top US cable operator will contribute its collection of cable properties including E!, Versus and a portfolio of regional sports television networks worth $7.25bn to a joint venture that features America’s oldest television network and a roster of the most popular cable channels including USA Network, CNBC and Bravo. The deal runs against recent media industry trends in splitting apart content creation and distribution that has inspired decades of deal-making, but failed to generate more value combined than apart.


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