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Pulling the Plug on Jerry Mathers


Somebody call Eve Ensler, because it looks like the Vagina Monologues are becoming the Vagina Dialogues. Here I thought the Bleeding Love was getting all soaked up by Tampax. Nope. Looks like others want a piece of the pie, too.

I recently saw this Schick razor commercial:

Holy topiary.

Then I learned that Kotex is running an ad down under about taking care of what’s down under:


Suddenly, I feel like a bad pet owner.

What’s going on here? After all these years of erectile dysfunction talk, is it the lady’s turn in the spotlight? If so, surely the conversation can advance past bush and beaver jokes.

It’s 2009. Is it so absurd to think that we, as a society, could talk about the female anatomy without the same tired old metaphors?


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