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Pedigree UK Adopts New Approach to Helping Dogs

On May 6th, Pedigree UK launched its 2010 adoption drive with a viral video campaign about an abandoned dog named Charlie. The story of Charlie is told one video at a time, with the next part of Charlie’s fate only shared after the current part receives 25,000 views.  For every view, Pedigree will donate £1, up to £100,000.  Episode three, “The Long Walk,” was just released.  As of now, we don’t know whether or not Charlie will be euthanized. Charlie doesn’t deserve this; no dog does. We need to find out what will happen to Charlie, and each view gets us closer to finding out and helping animals at the same time.

This compelling campaign is an interesting twist on the viral video approach. It encourages viewer agency over passive viewing, allowing dog lovers to take an active role in a very simple way. Rather than sharing the videos in the traditional sense of “you gotta see this,” the person who shares is actually helping “save” Charlie and other dogs who need homes by advancing the narrative to the almost certainly happy ending. This action — spreading the word and educating others about animal welfare — saves Charlie, mirroring the mission and purpose of the Drive itself.  It’s a smart way to get people involved and further build Pedigree’s brand as dog’s best friend in the U.K., U.S., and beyond.

Now, let’s see what happens to Charlie … 


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