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Save the Cadbury Egg: Write NBC

Boyd Pearson
Monday, April 23, 2007
A few years ago, Conan O'Brien got Dirty Dancing back on the big screen . Now, we want him to get Cadbury to change their eggs back to the original size. B.J. Novak exposed the conspiracy . Conan has the clout to make the change happen…but only if we push him!

Come on everyone, let’s bombard NBC with e-mails and calls to get Conan on board. If he hears from enough of us, he’ll definitely listen. Hell, he put together a horny manatee site for us. Lord knows he’ll be willing to fight for our egg rights.

This is unacceptable. A loss of 12.3% in 2 years . Does Cadbury think we don’t notice/don’t care/are stupid? B.J. loves his Cadbury Eggs, and so do we. We want ALL of our delicious creme filled eggs back. We miss the 12.3%. We have noticed. Now let’s let our voice be heard.

E-mail The Late Show with Conan O’Brien here . Make your subject “ Cadbury Egg Controversy .” Together, we can get this done. Nobody puts Baby in a corner . And nobody messes with our eggs.


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